Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Unknown

So this blog post is going to be completely random, but oh well. I want every ones opinion. I am currently obsessed with the show Paranormal State. It's on A&E and I love it!! It's this group of kids from Penn State University and they created a group called PRS. They go to different places in the USA and help with these different cases.

I watch this and I really am so interested with the paranormal unknown. My religion doesn't really believe in "ghosts" but I believe in spirits, and sometimes they linger walking the earth for 40 days.

It's funny that I can be interested in something that scares me so much. I love watching scary movies and reading scary stories. But yet I wont go into haunted houses. But when I say haunted houses I mean the ones at Halloween where people jump out at you, I hate that for some reason. But I have gone to haunted places that are real. Like the old Primary Children's hospital, grave yards, Hemotep's grave, and more!! I just find it truly fascinating.

I don't really have any scary stories but I have heard some with Ouija boards and saonces. I will never ever use a Ouija board, because I believe whatever you are messing with, cannot be something good.

Where do you all stand on this? Do you believe that their are spirits or ghosts among us? Are you afraid? Do you have any good scary stories??



  1. I love you for watching shit like much! Have you ever read the lovely bones? It's so's about a girl who is raped and murdered when she was like 15 and she tells the story of how she died, and follows her family and friends as a spirit or ghost until she is ready to really leave the world. I seriously believe stuff like that is real...the other night I had a dream about Joyce and it was so real...we were in the kitchen talking about how she died and her funeral and everything!

    Haunted Houses don't really scare me but I would never go to the real haunted places like you have-that I can't handle.

    Also I hope that your busy week turns into a fun one and that all of the stuff that keeps you busy also keeps you happy-except for the paper and the test, which both suck! I love you!!

  2. Aw I'm glad you commented on this lover. I didn't think anyone would. And yes I love watching that stuff. I'm obsessed!!!! Scary stuff, is just so interesting to me.

    No I haven't read that book. I'll have to hit it up!! Sounds interesting.

    Aw.. Joyce. I miss her. RIP

  3. I don't know where I stand on this... I have never really had any encounters or anything.

    I have been to the hospital, cemetery, etc. and nothing has happened.

    I had a ouija board when I was little, and liked messing with everyone when we used it.

    I would be down to do some exploring and stuff tho, to see whats out there. It is always interesting...back in high school I found this website and went to a few, it was pretty fun.

    p.s. I hate haunted houses too

  4. Jake! I didn't know you had blogger haha. That website link you posted is pretty cool!!

    Ya I mean, things don't always happen, but it's still interesting to know the history behind these places, and that something could still be there. I think a lot of it is your imagination, but it's still fun to believe.