Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roswell :)

Roswell is one of my fav shows that used to be on the air during the years 1999-2002. I have watched this series a billion times and fall even more in love with it each time. It's funny because it's a science fiction tv show, and usually that doesn't interest me that much. But this does! I love their story and I love how the whole thing doesn't revolve around just aliens. It shows the relationships they have with the humans, love, hate, the good things and the bad, them trying to survive highschool, and basically survive in their small town. I watch it with my best friend (who I love more than anything!) and we now definitely want to go on a road trip to Roswell New Mexico. It would be cool to actually go to the set and see if the town really is all into aliens and what not!!!

Here are pics of my favorite people & couples!

Max/Liz & Michael/Maria. Those I love who I didn't put a pic of, are Alex, Isabelle, Kyle and Valenti :) Best show ever!!!!!!!! Well used to be when it was on. xo.


  1. WOW Max is hot with that long shaggy hair, PHEW!! But I just LOVE Michael and Maria's relationship... real pissed about what happened in the last episode we watched... grrr..

  2. I know I know.... it does get better in the end. I feel like both of their relationships are so complex in their own ways and so romantic too.

    But yes... Max looks so sexy. He is so good looking it's ridiculous.

    Roswell tomorrow. Can't wait!

  3. PS: How pretty does Liz look in the wedding pic? Aw.

  4. I found you on 20SB! :-)

    I wanted to let you know I grew up in southern New Mexico (Las Cruces - west of Roswell)....and I hate to tell you...Roswell's NOT that cool. It's a tiny town with 1 main street that has completely "sold out" to the whole alien thing. Haha! :-)

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you go on a road trip - make sure to pick some other stops along the way to make the trip worth it! Haha! There's LOTS of pretty cool stuff in NM. :-)

    PS - super cute blog! :-)

  5. Haha I kind of figured that it wouldn't be that cool. But I still would love to go to NM sometime! I've heard Las Cruces is pretty cool!! It was on the tv show Roswell too :)

  6. See the picture of maria and michael sitting in a dinner booth does anyone know what episode it is from.