Sunday, October 3, 2010

Make New Friends -- But Keep The Old Ones

Sometimes all you need is a good night with old friends! It's funny how sometimes life catches up with you and you don't hang out as much with people you used to. But then when you do hang out with them.. it's as if nothing has changed at all.

My friends seriously make me laugh so hard that I'm almost crying! They're the type of friends who have your back no matter what the situation is.

I'm truly blessed to have the life I do, and to have the friends I have in it.

So here's to you guys -- thanks for all the smiles.



  1. I agree! True friends are the ones who remain true friends over the years. I hadn't seen my best friend from home in over 2 years and we just visited last month. It was as if we went back in time and no time had passed.

    I tagged u in something on my blog:

  2. You really see who your real friends are when you go through a period of time of not talking to them, and then when you need them they're right there for you no matter what :) Aw.

    Thanks for the comment and the tag xoxo.

  3. Can agree more with your post!! Especially when it comes to college and everyone moves to different places and chases different dreams. Those situations will definitely test true friendship.

    Fell apon your blog from 20sb. I like the layout and flow you have... very nice. Look forward to readin more.


  4. Definitely agree that it's a test for true friendship. And thank you very much :)