Saturday, October 2, 2010

Open Your Eyes.

When I heard about that boy who committed suicide because of people posting a personal video of him, I was appalled. What is going on in people's mind? Maybe I was just brought up differently, but I have never understand how other's can treat people so horribly. How do they get joy from hurting someone?

Ellen made this awareness message, and I get choked up watching it. It's so true what she says...

I just hope something changes and fast. Because I have loved ones who are going through with finding out who they are, and I would never want them to suffer in these kind of ways. No one should. Everyone should live their life in peace and get opportunities just like everyone else. Maybe just by Ellen's video people will start to open their eyes.

I know everyone has their own beliefs and what they think is right/wrong, but you need to learn how to be accepting of others. I never understood why if someone believed in one thing, why another feels the need to attack it from all corners. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BELIEVE THAT TOO! Let people choose their own rights in peace. It just makes me so mad, and especially watching that video. Ellen was right.. it is a crisis. And something needs to change. NOW. My heart goes to all those who have felt bullied, or that they couldn't be who they were meant to be because they feared what other's would think.

Be who you are... who you were meant to be.

RIP: For all the lives lost too short.


  1. When I heard about this story it made me so upset. I was disgusted at how cruel these kids were.

  2. I know I feel the same way... I just wish there could be a stop to bullying, especially when the lives of others are in danger.