Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I decided that I wanted to just ramble & ramble some more about some things :) So I hope everyone doesn't mind!!! First of all yesterday was MONDAY which means = Gossip Girl!! I used to be a huge fan.. but it's sort of dwindled lately. BUT I must say I am the biggest Chuck and Blair fan. They create fireworks when they are together. Amazing! And Ed Westwick is so sexy... especially when he speaks in his English accent OMG. Last night's episode was actually pretty good. I did feel really bad for Serena though -- she's hitting rock bottom, but not because of her actions; more so Juliet, Vanessa, and stupid little J. Eww. And she can't choose between Nate & Dan. Come on look at Nate; he's beautiful. I do like Dan, and they were very cute together, but they are step brother and sister... isn't there a law against that or something?? Anyways until next time with GG :)

For my next blah; I am an aspiring writer. I have always loved writing, and it's just been a part of my life. I wrote at the age of five... and have never looked back. I do want to be a school teacher (it's what I'm going to school for) but I also want to write a novel. Getting my story published & loved by others is a dream come true for me. I've always wanted to do it, but gave up that dream; until recently. With a tragedy happening in my family for the last two years.. it has showed me that we need to follow those dreams of ours. You never know when your life could be over. However, every time I get an idea for a story I look to see if it's already been done, and it has. It's beyond frustrating. Then I got an amazing idea for a story and I have already written about six chapters. I was buying books for my kindle and saw on amazon a story that was almost identical to the one I was writing. And it was very popular. I don't want readers to think that I copied other authors. So how in the world are you supposed to get your work out there if the ideas have already been started? I guess that's no reason to write. I need to do it because I love it and feel that my story has potential. I admire a writer named Amanda Hocking - she has done the My Blood Approves series, Hollowland, and Tyrlle series. She is just starting, but she has a lot of talent. Her goal to get where she is today is what makes me admire her though. She didn't give up even when everyone put her stories down. I believe she is self-published, and it quite popular now. It gives me hope that one day I'll be in the position. I would love to write YA (young adult books) and children's stories. To have a children's book published in my classroom would be so amazing!! So I'm going to follow this dream.. and you'll all see my name later on in life :) What's the point of living this life if you don't do big things? The things you love?
Next on the list is a really happy note. Yesterday for the first time in a long time was the best day I've had. Everything went right: school, Pi Phi stuff, getting rewards for being an outstanding member of my sorority, having so much fun with friends, receiving a letter I've been patiently waiting for, got to help someone who needed it, etc. I just felt good and good things kept happening. Lately I have felt like I was a "bubble," on the edge of popping by any little situation. But yesterday I just floated upward; not spiraling down for once.. but upward. It was the best feeling - and it's hard to even explain it. I don't know how yesterday was different, but maybe I woke up with a different attitude and didn't even know it. I just want those days to continue.

Now..... the exciting news!!! FRIDAY MORNING 12:00 am it's Harry Potter time. I seriously cannot wait as you can tell in my Harry Potter blog I did last week. Ahh! Can't believe it's already here. Omg. Beyond stoked!! It's so funny seeing everyone dressed up. Pretty amusing if you ask me.

Another happy bit of news is that my older brother, sister-in-law, and nephew Jaxon are coming into town Thursday. I cannot wait to see them!! It's been so long. We're having a mini Thanksgiving on Friday :) Look how cute my two nephews are! I love this picture. I'm sad Isaac isn't coming (the older one) but I understand why... Anyways, I just love them to pieces and cannot wait!

Anyways I'm done blah blah blogging :) I hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday!!



  1. Harry Potter! I love dressing up, I just gotta find my robe...

  2. Ugh GG has gotten so sad and as much as I love blair and chuck drama there was no legit reason to "break up" again this past episode. They just have to keep them apart to keep people watching cause its all they've got. Yet, I'll still watch it religiously on a weekly basis haha!

    Go for the book writing dream. That's one of my dreams as well. I'm sure their are a lot of similar stories out there, but you just have to come up with something that makes your style more unique and more captivating than the others. Definitely don't give up on it!

    Oh and yay for H.P!!

  3. Denise - I want to see pictures of you in the robe!! So you better be posting some :)

    JoJo - Thanks for the comment! I agree about Blair & Chuck; it's the same pattern on this show. It's been going downhill for a while now. Just like OC (it's the same director). They run out of story plot lines. Oh well, least there is Vampire Diaries!!!!

    And thanks for what you said about the book writing dream. I really appreciate it. Sometimes you need a friendly boost to motivate you. I agree that you need to make your own writing personal, unique and captivating. :)Good luck to you also.