Friday, November 5, 2010

Go Utes!!!!

Tomorrow is gameday!!!
The Utes are playing TCU... it's going to be a HUGE game!! It's more exciting than playing BYU (because they suck this year.) ESPN are going to be at the stadium at 6:00 am! So I'm going early so maybe I can be on the news!!! It's actually the black-out game (which I look forward to every year). Everyone cheering for the Utes wears all black!! It looks really cool when you see in on TV or what not. This game really is going to be huge. It's sold out -- but I heard to get a ticket it's $500. I'm not sure if that's true or not, I just thank God I'm a student so I don't have to pay at all to get in! But then again I am in the MUSS -- which I also get the best seating in the house. I'm row 8... ROW 8!!! I can almost smell the sweat coming off of those hotties. I seriously love football, and the Utes are so good! It's fun too because I know a lot of the players; they used to be in tons of classes with me when I first started going to school. I know they are going to do awesome tomorrow. I just hope we will be victorious! TCU is really, really good. I think they have the # 3 spot in the nation. The Utes are # 5, so yes, it will be beyond intense! Tailgating is my favorite part of the game really though. I love seeing all my friend and the families there. The food is always amazing!! And luckily the weather is supposed to be really nice unlike the last game that was pouring! Anyways this was a shout out to my team! I love you guys -- make us proud tomorrow.
U N I V E R S I T Y . O F . U T A H . U T E S

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