Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Harry Potter...

Okay, so here it is. I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan. Always have been; always will be. I loved the books & have always loved the movies. They have done them perfectly, (minus a few cases). I just can't believe the saga is coming to the end. It's weird to think that the actors have been doing this movie together for a decade now.

I think it's so awesome to go back and look at them in the first movie. They are so cute and little! And then you compare them now:

They have seriously become closer than family... that's what they have all said. And I believe it!! I just get so sad when I think it's coming to an end.

I must say though, there is something I cannot wait to see in this film. Unfortunately I know it will be Part 2; and we have to wait a very long time for that. Here is a clue:

Yup... Hermione & Ron. I have always loved them; and from book two Chamber of Secrets.. I wanted them to be together!! I had always hoped. Book 6 was probably my favorite because you start to see that they are expressing their feelings to one another. Well first Hermione comes to grasp that she feels for him; and then he dates Lavender (blah) -- even though her character is amusing [Won won]. But I love in The Deathly Hallows how finally Ron sees her in that way; well at least admits it to himself. I always get so sad when he leaves the camp saying, "I get it, you chose him." It breaks my heart every time! But they make up for it with the famous kiss that I cannot, cannot wait for. Both the actors said it was beyond weird, "like kissing a sibling." But I hope that awkwardness doesn't show on the screen. But I have a feeling it will be epic.

I know for a fact; a scene I'll cry in.. is when Harry & Hermione visit Lily & James' grave. It's like he made a full circle and is finally going back to where it all started. It makes me cry every time I read that part in the book; how he just let's his tears fall and thinks about their bodies below the earth. I love his "sibling" friendship that he and Hermione share. I'll also cry when he's about to sacrifice himself to Voldermort... and he sees his parents and their friends. They guide him through the forest and he whispers, "Stay with me." Oh man. I have a feeling I'll be a complete baby this entire movie. Not only because it's coming to an end, but because J.K Rowling kills off some of my favorite characters. :(

I'm curious to where they will be splitting the movies... any thoughts on that?? Maybe before they go back for the "war" at Hogwarts. I think this series will be the highlight of our time; I have loved everything about it. I'm so sad for the end to be so near; but I strive to write like J.K Rowling someday and to have something this popular come out. I know that's a dream beyond dreams... but still, a person can hope :)



  1. I am SO excited about the new HP movie!! I've been reading the Deathly Hallows again to get prepared! I can't wait!

  2. I read somewhere that they're going to split it at the part where Voldy gets the Elder wand.

    I'm so ridiculously excited for the movie!! But, I don't think I'm ready to see it end yet (:

  3. I love Harry Potter so much, I can't believe how everything is coming to an end, I remember for the first movie my family getting "Potter" shirts because we thought we were witty and now I will never change my last name for the world! You cry at the grave scene, I'll cry when Dobby does his thing. *sad face*

  4. Lacey -- I'm re-reading the Deathly Hallows too :) I can't wait!!!!!!

    Tasia -- That would make sense to where they would split it! I'm excited too but way sad for it all to end :(

    Denise -- I can't believe it's coming to an end either... awesome last name haha. I feel like I'll cry the whole movie. I don't know if they are going to show this in the movie; but I always cry too when the Dursleys are saying goodbye to Harry. And Dudley like hugs him and I always wanted to know what his Aunt was going to say... Also when Hedwig get's killed; I was like really?? Aw.. Dobby.. :( "Harry.. Potter.." Get's me every time. OH and not to mention.. Fred. Geeze it's going to be emotional.

    Thanks for the comments!!! We'll have a Harry Potter after the film review! :)

  5. OMG I can't wait either!!!!!
    I LOVE HP. I think ron was so much cuter when he was little though haha. I love him and Hermione together though and I just told my roomie last night that I can't wait to see them kiss!!! I probably won't see it until Thanksgiving time with my family since my grandma and I always go. I cried reading lots of parts of the last book so it will be interesting to see how they do it.

  6. Love! And i can't wait till it comes out next week as well! YAY :D

  7. AH! I'm hopping and giggling all over my bed here! I THINK they will cut it off RIGHT when Ron leaves. Just runs away (which breaks my heart every time!) but my cousin has mentioned your idea and that's a very good bet too. I've seen interviews where Emma Watson says that there's a lot of action in the third. Either way it will be PURE COLD BLOODED TORTURE!!!
    (I really hope you're as much of an obsessive fan as me, because I'm back on my feet in bed) And don't you worry I will be crying at every single turn in this part. And the next!

    AND!! RON AND HERMIONE WERE MEANT from the beginning!! :D i'm so glad you said that. I want to punch people when they say that it should be Harry & Hermione. WHERE do they get that? I can't wait for that scene!! I read it over and over and over and over.... :)

  8. I'm reading (or listening) to the series for the first time. I just finished book 2, chamber of secrets, and was THOROUGHLY pleased. BEST DENOUEMENT EVER! I know most people don't care for them, but I LOVE when I get a good wrap up of the story and everyones sweet reaction. Instead of, "AND HE KILLED THE SNAKE... THE END..." I even teared up a little when they overheard them saying ron's sister was caught. BRILLIANT. can't wait to finish the series.

  9. ps. Hermione turned out to be pretty babe-alicious.

  10. Jill- I think Ron was suchhh a cute little kid.. but he's definitely hot to me. Maybe because of his personality ha.

    Daniela- I know!! Yay :) eee!!!

    Jess- I loved your comment! It could very well be cut off when Ron leaves; even though I'll probably scream if it does.. the torture of having them split it will be horrible.. And yea, Ron & Hermione always belonged together. I don't get the people who want Harry & Hermione either.. they are like brother & sister. They have the best friend bond that I cherish. You could always tell with Ron & Hermione because they butt heads, especially when they were kids. Isn't how that works? You tease someone you like when you're little ha. I read that scene over and over too. I love when he comes back to the camp and she freaks at him :) Aw love. Anyways great comment!!!

    JBudd- Hope my blog post didn't ruin anything for you.. haha whoops!! Keep reading though. It gets better and better. As well as more dark. I realized how innocent it first starts out to be. Crazy how much it changes. It's amazing. And yes, Emma Watson is gorgeous!!! :)

    Thanks everyone!!!! xoxo.

    Counting down the days. <3

  11. I cannot wait - I've just started reading the book cos I've only read it the once when it first come out!

    I cannot believe how much they have grown up, they were sooo young and now they're adults. I'm glad they didn't change the actors too, that would have ruined it!

  12. I know it would've totally ruined it!! They stuck it out till the end :)

    I just remembered that I'll probably cry on the part with Snape too, when he says to Harry, "Look at me.." and you receive all of his memories.. oh wow.