Monday, November 29, 2010

Just A Few Things

Brrrrrrrr.... It is beyond cold outside!! I swear the other day was supposed to be the "worst" storm we'd need in 10 years; well it wasn't at all, yesterday & today is more like the "Snowmageddon!" But of course they don't call school off for this. It's so cold all the time and I have to realize that this is just the beginning of the weather. It's still November and in Utah in can snow up until April. Oh boy, is it too soon to move? I should probably take advantage of the snow somemore this year. Go skiing, sledding, build a snowman/snow angel, snow ball fight.... :) That will all probably last a day. Ha!

The next two weeks are seriously going to be so intense. I have so much going on... and mostly it's because it's finals week. I cannot wait to graduate seriously (that is, if math won't be the end of me) I seriously am so burnt out with school. I had to write a 7 page paper last night and of course I waited till the very last minute. I always do that! And I realized I keep this pattern going is because sometimes I work really well in pressure, not always, but just enough to keep doing it. I always get my work done, and it actually turns out pretty well. I wrote an 8 page paper at 2 am. I'm crazy I know... For those who have graduated, how in God's name did you have enough motivation to pull through the last few months? Because I feel like I just don't care about school anymore and that's definitely not the attitude to have when trying to graduate this Spring! Really tell me!!!

I always wanted to say thank you. Thank you to those who are following this blog and thank you so much for those who commented on my post "Trapped." It was definitely one of those days, but you all brightened my day so much with your kind words. It really meant a lot to me. So thank you so much, I really appreciate it!! And a quick shout out to Ryan: Thanks for giving me an award!!!!! You're awesome. Love all your blogs out there!! And I'm definitely going to start commenting way more. Thanks again.

So the Utes vs. BYU was a pretty good game.... well it was in the fourth quarter. BYU was winning 3-0 for the first half! It was quite dull. I sadly was sick so couldn't attend. It sucks because it was my last game ever and it was a big one. But the flue knocked at my door and I opened it. Lovely... But in the end we were victorious and it was awesome!!! Good job Utes! Proud of you.

I'm so happy! Thanksgiving was a huge success. Amazing food, wonderful family, etc. And now my favorite holiday is just around the corner. You got that right: Christmas!!! Seriously, everything about this holiday brings happiness into my life. The X-mas song, spirit, gifts, decorations, family, food, religious aspects, movies, books, etc. What's not to love about it?? My mom spent all day yesterday decorating our house, and I feel like it's ten times more cozy now!! I'll take pictures later and put them up. But it really looks good and I wish it could stay up year round!!! So enjoy the season and be jolly!!!!

I also recently made my own Bucket List which is now on my blog. It helps me because it's somewhat of a "to-do" list!! It's a little weak right now, but I'm definitely going to be adding more to it!! I need to let my crazy inner self take over for a while! I'm also getting through writing my first novel. It's really exciting and pretty soon I'm going to be finding an agent and what not! I really want to take a creative writing class and have my work peer-edited by others doing what I'm doing! Thanks to a good friend Rach :) she said she'd help me out, so that makes me happy. It's funny when you meet someone far away that you've never even met, but you instantly feel a special bond with that person!! She's amazing, kind, and beautiful!! Such a cute blog too. Go check it out:

Anyways!! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. Now it's back to the real world.



  1. good luck with the end of your semester, you WILL finish and get everything done in time. my last semeseter of college was so bittersweet, i was SO excited to be done with school and all the work but i was dreading not being able to live with my best friends. so get your work done, keep your gpa up but also make time to have fun and enjoy the rest of senior year. it will FLY by and you deserve to have a little fun. when you graduate don't be afraid of doing what you want. you have put in the work and now you should reap the rewards. xoxo jcd

  2. Senioritis is the worst! I went through that last yr where I couldn't stand to sit in class for one more minute. I would bring my laptop to lectures and browse the web the whole time. My attention could not last by the end of that yr.
    Good luck with finals!

  3. I saw you on 20sb and had to say hi! I love your blog and I just WISH I was almost done with school. You are absolutely beautiful and seem to know what you want! I wish you the best of luck!

  4. oh and I don't have much senioritis advice. I had it sooo bad, and I only took 3 classes my last semester. I spend most of my time at the bars with my friends haha!

  5. Jillian - Thanks for the comments lately!You're right about bittersweet though. I'm sad to say goodbye to the memories, and for the last time being a young woman. I have to grow sometime, just don't want to... You have to enjoy everyday, that's what I've learned. xo.

    JoJO - Senoritis definitely is the worst; it's like cabin fever I swear.. doesn't help that we have tons of snow too. So walking around campus is awful. And I definitely bring my laptop around a lot... not good when you go online the whole time :) xo.

    lovelifelies - Thank you so much for the sweet comment! You are the pretty one!! Thanks again. Good luck with everything. xo.

    Rach - Had to mention you :) Just had to happen!! That's where I will probably end up. xo.

  6. thanks for the 20sb friend request, love your blog!

  7. Nicole - Thanks so much love :)