Monday, November 8, 2010


Oh ΠΒΦ how I love you... This is our I-week, and I felt I had to write a little memo about it because I realized, it's my last initation week in this house (not counting the Spring.) I cannot believe four years came and went so fast. Life really does move fast, and if you don't stop and appreciate it once and a while; you'll miss fantastic and great things!! I'd like to say I put a lot into this sorority, and I'm happy to say I did get a lot back in return. I have made lifelong friends who are such amazing girls. Some I'm closer with than others; but I'll take a piece of all of them with me when I leave. It makes me sad, but honestly I am so grateful for Pi Phi. I was the shy girl who hid behind the veil; but now I am a strong woman ready to face the real world when I graduate and I have them to thank for that. I lived in that house for two years; first time away from home and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Room 8 will definitely be in my heart forever... oh and Ollie the fish, may he RIP. Joyce; thank you for being the best house mom in the world. I miss you a lot. There is not a day when I step into that house that I don't think of you. You were the true HM because you were so true to Pi Phi. I love you and miss you -- just know we're thinking of you RIP. I want the newbies to really look at this experience with arms wide open. I remember the seniors always saying, "I remember being in your spot, I can't believe how fast time goes." And at the time I was like, wow... it seems to be going by fast. But that is a lie now that I'm a senior graduating in the Spring. It did go fast. But I am sooo happy that I'll be with my PC 07'. We were the seniors that stuck it out all 4 years. And I couldn't imagine a better pledge class to share this experience with.

PC '10: Put a lot into this house.. you'll get so many rewards if you do.

PC 09': You crazy girls that I love soo much. Thanks for making me laugh.

PC 08': Oh my favs... you girls really mean so much to me. You're our littles and our good friends. Thanks for all those memories and making me feel so young!

PC 07': I love you pledge class. You touched my life in the best possible ways. Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the friendships, the roadtrips, the roomies, and the memories. You are my family... always and forever.



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