Saturday, November 27, 2010

Utes vs. BYU

I'm the biggest Ute fan ever. I realized this is the last game I'll go to in college. It's been such a good run. I am proud of the Utes; even though we have been having a hard time of late. We need to get our act together and defeat the cougars, seriously. They better not beat us on our own turf. TCU was one thing... but this is BYU, our greatest rivals. I'm so sick of them. They sit there and say how "classless," we are, yet all of their fans were so disrespectful to our coach's wife last year. But of course you don't hear anything about that. Least Max Hall is gone; can't stand that guy. He has no respect for anyone, "have fun in the real world buddy, hear you're doing great in the NFL...." NOT. :) Anyways, it should be a great game. This is the last game we play before we go into the Pack 10 next year and BYU goes... independent. Ha wtf is that all about anyways? They're weird, true and true. So good luck Utes! I'm counting on you. Too bad today is going to be absolutely freezing outside. Oh boy! Can't wait. I have to bundle up like a marshmellow/snowman, should be a funny sight. Sucks because I don't feel that well either today, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your team!!
On another note, yay to the Utah Jazz!!! They beat the Lakers last night; not always an easy thing to do. D-Will is seriously so amazing. The best player we have had since: Malone and Stockton. I miss the old days when the Jazz and the Chicago Bulls used to play. Michael Jordan was a wonder to watch.. so awesome!
Thanksgiving was awesome. I had a wonderful time with my family and relatives from California. It's so nice to see family from out of town two weekends in a row. The food was amazing, and I truly think I gained about 10 pounds these last two days.. because last night we went to Porcupine (the best food ever!!!), soooo good. Their chicken noodle soup is to die for, as well as the nachos and ceaser salads :) mmmhmm.
I'm also seeing Harry Potter 7 again tomorrow for the 3rd time... yup, it's true. My family wants to go and I can't say no to that offer :)

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