Saturday, December 11, 2010



After I came home today from Park City... I knew my math grade was up. I was beyond nervous to look at it; literally was shaking. I scroll down and all I see is B+. I had to get a solid C in the class to pass... and I didn't think I'd even do that good, but a B+??!! That's better than I could've ever imagine. I seriously started crying. It just means a lot when your hard work truly pays off. I realized I need to start believing in myself more. My best friend Mary at her work party last night kept saying, "So happy you passed." I was like, "Mar, I didn't pass yet, well I don't know if I did." Then she would smile and be like, "Yup. You did. I know it." She believed in me, when I didn't believe in myself. I am capable of making wonderful things happen. I'm just happy because this pretty much shows that graduating will definitely happen and for the first time in a while, something really good happened. I'm also doing really well in all my other classes too!! Yay for Fall semester; which was definitely a hard one to get through. Anyways just wanted to share my happiness!! :)

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.



  1. Congratulations!!! A B+, that's so good!! It's great to hear that you did so well. I bet all of that hard work makes the awesome grade just THAT MUCH better too :))))

  2. congrats!!! that is wonderful news :) now enjoy the holidays! xoxo jcd

  3. We are both having success in math. Congrats. I need to start believing in myself too. Hope you have a wonderful christmas and New Year.

  4. Thanks everyone!! I feel like you all had something to do with it - every time I wrote about it... you all had such kind words. Thanks so much :) Now let's enjoy the X-mas season!!!

  5. Congrats! The feeling of getting a better grade than you expected is one of the best! =D


  6. Yes, it truly is... especially when I wasn't even expecting to pass!!!