Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day By Day

Dear Blog :)

Haven't written in a couple days... which is weird for me; lately I've been writing every single day! So I'll go over a few things.

First, I wasn't too sure how to "accept" an award, but I think I realized it properly. On November 28th, Ryan from gave me the:

Thanks so much for noticing my blog!! Means a lot. But in order to accept the award, I need to say 7 things about myself and pass it on to 3 people... so here's some quick facts about me:

1. I'm 5'1 1/2 :) Very short! But I love being short; I can wear tall shoes.

2. Mexican food is my absolute favorite. My motto is the spicier the better (Cholula).

3. I'm Greek and I love my culture: Greek traditions, food, dancing, religion, etc. I used to Greek dance for 7 years.

4. I'm going to school to become an Early Elementary Teacher; I want to teach Kindergarten or first grade.

5. I love baseball! I don't really like to watch it on TV that much... but going to games is one of my favorite things to do. Love the Boston Red Sox!!!

6. Reading is my passion. I'm a very quick reader and finish about 3 books a week... if I have time. Sometimes I live in my fantasy world. I always love the different world because it's such a nice escape from every day life.

7. Writing is my other passion, besides being really creative. My dream is to have my books published someday. I'm actually halfway through my first novel, so after I get an agent and editor, we'll see how it goes :) Amanda Hocking is actually a YA author and she gave me some advice once that really motivated me and made me realize that this dream can definitely come true.

8. I'm throwing one more out there: I'm a hopeless romantic. Always have been... and always will be.

The three blogs that I'm going to give this blog award to are 3 of my good friends actually.

Jill @learning from yesterday, living for today:

Karolina @Karolina with a K:

Abby @The Best Things Come in Small Packages:

So there we go... finally accept the award right! Thanks again Ryan :)

Secondly, do you ever try so hard at something... and nothing changes? I studied so hard for my math test on Friday... but I got that sick feeling in my stomach right after it and knew I did badly. Well I was right, the teacher graded it, and I definitely did really bad. I was so upset because I tried so hard, even met with a math tutor a couple days before that. Now I'm so scared I'm not going to pass my math class; I have to get a solid C in the class to move on to the other half of the math class. I can't afford to retake anything because I'm graduating in the Spring. Just really sucks because I'm a really good student, on the Dean's list and everything. But I am a really bad test taker, always have been and probably always will be. I spoke with the teacher and I have to get a certain grade on the huge final next Friday to receive a C in the class. That adds so much pressure on me it's sick. I'm really trying not to stress out, but I'm worried that even if I study everyday... it won't make a difference. I'm going to try and think positively, and hopefully that will help me out! Fingers crossed X.

Well besides being all sad on Friday after my test... I went to my sorority and wanted to have a "Vamp-a-thon." I have told a lot of my sisters about the TV show on the CW called The Vampire Diaries, a lot of them have seen it already and a lot of them haven't. Some where like eh.. don't really get into that kind of stuff. But I wanted to just gather us all around to have a night with one another, a relaxing fun night. It actually turned out better than I thought it would. So many girls came and we seriously had a marathon all night. I think I slept about 20 minutes the entire night. We watched the complete first season from 7:00 pm, till 2:00 pm the next day :) We're crazy I know. But I seriously love these girls and had so much fun with them. They always make me laugh. Everyone now loves the show... and my obsession to it has definitely increased, probably not a good thing. I used to be the biggest Twilight fan... but after this show, definitely re-thinking which I love more. Besides loving the characters in the show, the love aspect of the plot definitely is what keeps me watching. The love triangle between Stefan, Elena, and Damon is so hot! The sexual tension between Damon and Elena keeps thickening, to the point now that I swear you could cut the tension with a knife!! I hope they get together I really do. I feel like Stefan and Elena are really sweet... but really boring. They somewhat rushed into their story and slowly Damon and Elena's is beginning to unravel. Who knows what will happen... but something better happen between those two or I'll be bad. Oh and I really believe that Elena remembers Damon told her he loved her :) (for those who watch the show will know what I'm talking about.) I just love having those kinds of nights with your really good friends; truly makes me happy!!

We have put a lot of our Christmas decorations up!! The house is looking cozy and festive, I absolutely love it. I'll probably put pictures up of the decorations in a later blog because we still aren't done putting ornaments on the Christmas tree!! I wish sometimes that we could keep this stuff up all the time... makes me happy.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend... I'm trying to take mine easy because I know that it's about to get very hectic with school and other stuff very, very soon.



  1. Okay, so I was just like you! I was a great student except for I can't take a test to save my life... I just don't retain facts and equations like that, so test taking was my downfall in college. My last year was horrible because I was in the same boat as you in a few of my classes. I met with the teachers and new I had to get certain grades on my finals just to get that C I needed.. What really helped me was constantly being in contact with my teachers so they knew I was really trying, since it didn't show on my tests. And all of that communication and studying more than anyone else in my class (even though they did much better than me) paid off and I passed all of my classes. So just trust that you are doing the best you can do and you will conquer through it! :)

  2. Congrats on the award!! Thats awesome that you are in the process of writing a novel--that must be v exciting. Its good that you obviously have passion for things in life and the confidence to actually make it happen and peruse your dreams.

    I agree with Sam's comment, I was a strong student but math was always my weakness (I really think that I wasn't pushed to do well in math in high school and that defiantly effected my interest in the subject once I went to college). Regardless, if passing that class is a priority then do the best that you can to make it a priority and try to talk to the prof about other ways to study. As you know not everyone learns the same way, when it comes to math I noticed I would just zone out in classes (not good) and then be super confused when I tried to do homework. I had to really make an effort to pay attention in class, take homework seriously and study A LOT more for my math final than any other final. when it was all over I did okay and I didn't have to retake the class. good luck --and take comfort in it's almost over!

    xoxo jcd
    ps TOTALLY did the whole sorority group tv marathon with a season of the OC in college (and now i feel old haha)

  3. Sam - Thanks so much for your kind words. It was nice to hear that others are going through what I am. Just wish so bad that I could be good with math.. and now I'm super stressed because I have to do really good on the last test and so far haven't been doing well on them, so what's going to change ya know? xo.

    Jillian - Thanks :) Yes, I'm very excited about my novel. I keep messing around with it; I'll write a lot then later go change it all up. I want it to be perfect. And I do have confidence in my dreams... even if school is way hard. Glad you didn't have to re-take the class. I am so happy it's almost over... ha if I can pass this class that is. That's awesome you had a marathon too. Loved the OC back in the day :)


  4. Greek! That's so close to Bulgarian, tradition-wise! Love it :))

    I shall keep my fingers crossed for your grade, i hate having to deal with classes i'm no good at :\

  5. Daniela - Thanks for your comments :) Bulgarian.. that's awesome!! It's so awesome to have such unique cultures. And thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me - I need it.

  6. awww thanks girl!!! you're so sweet!!!