Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greek Holiday

Happy Tuesday :) I'm almost done with finals thank God!!! Least my math one is out of the way and I can really start and enjoy the holidays :)
The holidays comes with a lot of happiness and brings families together again. I especially love the holidays because that means the cooking starts up again. And being Greek... well that means we cook a lot. The Greek festival and other stores always have these cookies, but there is something special about them when my Yiayia (Grandma) makes them. She is such an amazing cook and I hope I have half her talent someday!!

Here are some of my favorite Greek cookies that we always make for Christmas:
  • Pasta Flora is probably my favorite :) It's simple but probably the best pastry you'll ever eat... well in my opinion that is. None of these pictures are mine - my mom and I actually made Pasta Flora last night but then she cut it all up before I could take a picture of it!

  • The next is one that is always made, especially during Easter time. They are called KOULOURAKIA. I put it in caps because it's a hard Greek word :) These cookies don't have a lot of flavor, but they are pretty and I think they are perfect.

  • The next ones I like to call "desert cookies," which are really called Kourambiedes. They are really dry, so make sure you drink something while you eat them. I love them though!! The powder sugar on top is like the icing on the cake. But be careful, if you inhale the powder it leads to a lot of coughing. Whoopsy! These cookies are used a lot during Greek wedding, but we make them every year for Christmas. My mom's are delicious and not dry at all.

I'm not that great of cook yet, but I'm learning. It's my goal to learn how to make every Greek dish there is before I move out and probably to Oregon. Too bad I can't take my cute Yiayia with me :) I would put my mom's recipes for these cookies up, but sometimes they don't like that especially if it's our families recipe - but if you google those names, I'm sure you'll find an excellent recipe. Sometimes they are a lot of work, especially the twisty ones, but believe me when I say they are worth it. I really do love being Greek. It's so much fun to have this culture and background be a part of me; I love sharing it with others!! I do miss Greek dancing a lot, but the Greek festival is huge in SLC and you should all come sometime. That's when all the Greek food is out and people wait around the block to come inside. If that doesn't make you all warm and fuzzy... I don't know what does.

Well, I'm going to go eat some Pasta Flora!! Toodles.



  1. fun!! i love holiday baking and family recipes. :) xoxo jcd

  2. Thanks for sharing the different types of Greek cookies! I am pretty set on only making chocolate chip! Going to look into the Kourambiedes though.. are they the type of cookie that crumbles once you put it in your mouth?


  3. It depends how you make them... my mom's definitely melt in your mouth; a lot of the time they can turn out too dry!! So be careful. They are really good though.

  4. Oh we def have something like "Kourambiedes" called 'kourabiyki', but my mom doesn't make them often at all :/

    You should learn how to make moussaka! It's so easy, you'll be pro in no time :D

  5. I want some greek cookies and to go Greek dancing :)

  6. Daniela - I know what moussaka is but definitely haven't tried cooking it!! I need to :) I just want to all around become a better cook!! It's a goal ha.

    Jill - Definitely make them!! They aren't TOO hard... or maybe where you live there is a place that sells them? BETTER YET, come to Utah in September after Labor Day and it's the Greek Festival; you'll get plenty of food, including cookies, and I'll teach you how to Greek dance! So fun.


  7. Just found your blog! These treats looks FABO!!! I'm also from Utah :) Now I'll probably go grab a cookie...