Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Grinch and the Good Deed

I haven't wrote a post in a couple days; I've missed it & all of you. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments - makes me happy. The last couple of days have been so hectic getting ready for Christmas! Can't believe tomorrow is Xmas Eve; wow, where does the time go? Just feels like it was Thanksgiving.

I'll tell you about my good deed at the end of this post. First, I got a new cell phone and I'm in love with it. It's the Mytouch 4g from t-mobile. It's so cute & I spend so much time on the Internet... so that's not good. But that's okay, my old phone didn't do anything cool so I'm entitled to some greatness if I do say so myself. It's white with a hot pink case: extremely girly? Yes. Yes it is.

Also I'm so excited to announce that I'm going to Sunvalley Idaho the day after Christmas!!! Sunvalley is one of my favorite places to go... and we always stay at the main lodge. It's amazing & I love ice-skating there. I'm actually pretty good, unlike skiing which I must say is sad especially because I live with snow!! Never was a good fan, but one day I'll get good at it.

Okay so now for my good deed. So I went to dinner with my sorority sisters at Porcupine (best food in the world) and it was so much fun. I love when I plan things, and a lot of people show up - 14 girls to be exact!! It was packed though, we had to wait almost two hours. But it was okay... it's so fun to chit chat with all of them and hear what they are doing for Christmas and New Years. Anyways, after I didn't want to go home yet and needed to do a little bit more shopping. So I drove to Target, very slowly though because it was so foggy outside. Very eerie if I do say so myself... was getting the vampire vibe (had to throw that out there; sorry). Anyways the POINT, so I do my shopping and it's beyond packed in there and I go to the check out line after about an hour. I'm waiting in line and I'm second up and this woman who is checking out is a total Scrooge, like I'm talking Grinch-before-he-gets-a-heart status. She keeps rolling her eyes and shaking her head; she's also with a guy who is so timid and just sits there says nothing. She yells at him to grab her wallet and complains how much she f-ing hates Christmas. The cashier who is a middle aged somewhat frumpy, but nice woman rings her up. The Grinch says, "I don't want all this on my damn card. I want to give you cash for some of it." The cashier nods, and replies, "Alright mam, but we'll have to start over because I need to collect the money from you first." Grinch then says, "You've got to be kidding. Fine, here is $63, whatever is left I'll pay on my card." The cashier sits there, and Grinch glares, "Hello?? You going to subtract it or what?" The cashier blushes and looks down, "Sorry mam, you didn't hand me the money, I like to count it out." The Grinch shakes her head and mutters, "Wow, you'd think they would know how to do their job here." I'm literally biting the hell out of my tongue so I don't lash out. I am a very compassionate person, and I don't like it when others get their feelings hurt... so sitting there saying absolutely nothing was beyond hard for me. Anyways, the cashier counts it out and Grinch says, "You want to hurry it up there?" She impatiently grabs the money and says, "Why don't you watch me do your job for you then. This is how you count money out." Finally she pays for it and says, "You might want to work for the money they are surprisingly giving you." The cashier replies, "You don't need to be rude mam." Grinch just sneers and walks away - mind you the man next to her didn't say ONE thing that entire time. As she walks away, the cashier grabs another employee and says, "That woman was really out of line." I nodded and said, "She really was." So the employee goes and grabs her; you can see the Grinch yelling and getting in the employees' face. The cashier then bursts out in tears saying, "I'm trying the best I can. I'm so sorry for the hold up." I look at her and say, "You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. That woman was very much out of line and you didn't deserve that. Please don't let someone like that ruin your night or your holiday. She isn't worth it; not for a second." She looks up at me and replies with tears swimming in her brown eyes, "I have to work two jobs so my children can have food on the table..." I'm honestly about to cry myself and I say, "You are working so hard; you're better than that woman will ever be." Finally she rings me up after about ten minutes and she grabs my hand saying, "Thank you... thank you so much. Your kind words meant the world to me. Merry Christmas." I tell her no need to thank me, and for her to have a Merry Christmas as well. As I walk away I also add, "I'm saying something to that woman." She smiles and says, "Thank you... I really appreciate it." The Grinch is still whining and bitching about God knows what and I'm trying to compose myself. I wasn't going to say anything... but after the cashier cried, I knew I had to. Not sure where my strength came from but I walked right into the woman's face and say, "You were out of line back there; you hurt her feelings so bad." I start walking away and she shouts, "Actually that woman needs to learn how to do her job correctly. And I don't remember this being any of your business." Clenching my fists, I reply, "Who in the hell are you? She is a human being, and she didn't deserve that. You made it my business when you treated her that way. You say she needs to learn how to do her job, YOU need to learn some manners." I left before another word was spoken. Not going to lie, I ran swiftly to the car because I was afraid she would come beat me up in the parking lot... ha but it would be worth it. I was fuming when I left - and I forgot to mention that when I was getting in her face people were turning around and staring at us. It was something you see on a movie I swear!!

You don't treat people like that; I don't care how bad of a day you have... that was wrong. It felt beyond amazing for sticking up for that woman. My only hope is that she's still not upset about what happened. I don't want the Grinch to get another thought in her mind. Putting people down is not okay with me... especially when they can't help it. The woman was a little slow at money... I'm not that good at it either, but at least she was smiling and trying. She WAS doing her job better than that woman ever will in her life. It's absurd honestly. I hope the Grinch takes a good look of herself in the mirror and changes her attitude immediately. People like that don't enjoy life to the fullest; they just want to get to the next minute in the day - pass it along. I understand how stressful Christmas is, but treating people like they are dirt isn't an outlet to that. Treat others how you would want to be treated - the Golden Rule holds the truth.

Anyways there was my ranting and raving for the day. Sorry my story was so back and forth... but I had to let it out. :)

Yay for Christmas Eve soon!!



  1. man i'm pissed at that woman by just reading this story. God bless you to have the strength to speak up.

  2. J.Ruud,

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas time! Enjoy yourself and being together with all your beloved ones!

    Hugs & kisses from Germany


  3. I CANNOT believe someone would actually act like that in public and especially at Christmas time. That women was beyond out of line. I am not sure what I would have done in that situation because am not the most confrontational person, but I probably would have blown up! I pray that cashier came across other people like you that were uplifting and caring, noone needs to be torn apart like that. This story just really upsets me and I was not even there.

    On a cheerier note I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! I can't wait to hear about your trip to Idaho!

  4. First, i WANT that phone so bad! mine is totally dying! and Second, wow good for you, thats something i would do but i think it would be very hard for me to refrain from using some colorful language, everytime i go somewhere i look for ways to make peoples day, and you deffinatly made that cashiers day, i have so much respect for you , and that is seriously the best feeling in the world when you know you changed something for the better.
    as for the GRINCH wow i probably would have smacked her, and then been arrested ha, or said something VERY very rude. but you handled that very well!!
    happy christmas... Eve... [:

  5. OMG i cannot believe that grinch lady! i cannot believe how she acted with the cashier. i am SO proud of you for saying something to her! that takes a lot of guts... and it was good for her to know that she made a fool out of herself and shouldnt treat other ppl like that. theres karma for a reason and she'll get a full serving of it. have a WONDERFUL christmas!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo jcd

  6. how rude! But, I do have to say...I deal with those types of Grinchy people on a daily basis at my work. They upset me so bad(especially when im working both jobs on the same day) but then i think about how i did NOTHING wrong and how they are just miserable people and they obviously have more issues going on than anyone else. So many stories that relate to this one -- I could go on and on but its too depressing how awful people really are.

    Did this make sense?
    I miss you!