Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello From Sun Valley

Well I found a computer so I thought, what the hell... I'm going to leave a quick blog post!!! This trip has been so amazing and I'm sad today is already the last day and we leave tomorrow. Boo :(

It's so beautiful; definitely a winter wonderland and you'll see when I post pictures after I get back home. The Sun Valley Lodge we stay at is breathtaking and they have so much to do here: bowling, movie theater, ice-skating, swimming, two bars, food places, a village with tons of stores and shopping, spa treatments, and they even have a salon! I am in love with the little village they have here. It's so charming and quaint... that's pretty much how this whole town is. The town of Ketchum is really fun too, has amazing restaurants there that we have eaten at every night!! Today has definitely been an action packed day - we went snowshoeing, ate at the ski resort and I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich and sweet potato fries, now we are back at the room for just a moment... but then we are going bowling, ice-skating, dinner, then swimming. The swimming pool is awesome too because it's outside but the whole pool is really heated so it's like a gigantic hot tub: amazing.

I miss looking at all your blogs and I would right now but I definitely don't have time. BTW Rach (blog bestie) sent me all these really cute items which I did a post about and I wanted her to know that I have gotten her some really cool things from Sun Valley :) So be excited because they are really cute. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are getting excited for New Years -- 2011 here we come!!! Woo hoo.

Oh and I got all my grades... finally. I did fairly well - but I did receive a lot of B's, kind of mad I didn't get more A's, but I won't get picky not after receiving that wonderful B+ in my math class!!!

Well that's all; I need to leave now. But I hope you all are well and hopefully I won't get home too late tomorrow because a huge storm is supposed to hit when we are driving out of Idaho. YIKES! Ta ta for now loves.



  1. miss you lovely lady! so excited to hear more and see more of your trip!! it sounds like you are having a fabulous time...thats what the holidays are all about!

    congrats on your grades...especially that math one...ahh i hated math! and still detest it (my kids are in so much trouble when they start asking questions...i know nothing anymore!!) :)

    hope the rest of your trip is magical and safe travels home girlie!


  2. I am super duper jealous of your trip! And can't wait to see the goodies you got me :) You must divulge on your New Year's plans when you get back! Drive safe bestie!

  3. congrats on your grades :) esp that math one! it sounds like youre having a great time! enjoy the rest of your vacation-- cant wait to see photos. have a safe drive home. xoxo jcd

  4. Congrats on those great grades. I hope you have the best time on vacation! :)