Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'll Be

It's been awesome, last night it was the Victoria's Secret Fashion show & now tonight it's the Grammy Nominations Concert; it's funny because I realized watching these two things - that I'll never be:
  • A size 0 (that's fine with me, I like my curves.)

  • A girl with long legs (I'm short and proud of it.)
  • A singer (even though I attempt to be in my shower.)

  • Famous (paparazzi on your every move? No thanks.)

It's weird to think though, that these "famous" people who are all over the media, once were just like me though. They were sitting on their couch cross-legged with some peppermint mocha coffee, a black fleece blanket, a runny nose, homework piled all over the table, and a head crammed full of dreams to accomplish. The BIG message: Everyone starts somewhere... no matter where you stand, no matter who you are.

And my dreams consist of:

  1. Becoming an Elementary School Teacher who changes my students lives.
  2. A published author.
  3. Live the greatest life I can... with no regrets.
  4. Marry the man of my dreams who treats me the way I deserve to be treated.
  5. Raise a family - an amazing family.
  6. Travel the world & learn other cultures. [Eat, Pray, Love - status]

So why can't things come true?? I bet you all sit there on a couch saying the same thing; well I hope you do. I need to get up off this couch and get things done!! I'm a big believer in fate... however, I still think that sometimes you can't rely on only that. I really hope my dreams will come to and I'll be whatever I want to be. This is my life and I want it to be worth living.


PS: Happy December 1st -- Best Holiday Month.


  1. A good thing to remember: no one can help you if you're not doing anything.

    Fate included.

    Your goals are great ones, and I know you'll get there because you want to. And, I want you to; because I want to read about it.

  2. Denise - Your right! That's a great thing to remember. It's so true.

    And thank you so much!!


  3. "Travel the world & learn other cultures. [Eat, Pray, Love - status]"- this is definitely one of my dreams! You're right they were just like us---so why cant my dreams come true too?! Thanks for this post!

  4. Jet-Setting Divas - We should both follow our dreams then :) :) xo.

  5. Best motivational post ever! Our dreams are far better & socially-impactful than the things "we will never be" [size 0 & being tall is so over-rated]!

    Here's to dreams coming true *cheers*

  6. Absolutely! As I was watching the VS fashion show, I thought it would motivate me to work out. But it didn't. Instead I thought, ya know what, I look pretty darn good. And I hope young girls can learn to appreciate what they look like and don't try to mimic what they see on tv.
    And you are right, we all have dreams. It doesn't matter what they are; it matters that we get there.

  7. Daniela - Thanks that made me happy :)Glad my post was motivating!!

    Diana - It's seriously true! I think instead of feeling bad for myself, it made me appreciate who I am and the knowledge that we can get anywhere our heart desires... as long as you work towards that goal.


  8. I want to be a teacher too. We have a lot of the same goals. You and I would get along.