Sunday, December 26, 2010

On the Road

Well... it's off to Sunvalley once again. :) Sunvalley Idaho is one of my favorite destinations (well it's up there that's for sure!) I won't be blogging until I get back, but expect a lot of pictures to follow my arrival home!!

I'm really excited to go to Sunvalley though. We go every year around this time and it's always really special. We always stay at the same Sunvalley Resort where many stars go!! They have a cute little town within the resort and there is also Ketchum village as well that's really charming and has amazing food and shopping. My favorite thing about the resort is the ice-skating rink they have and the little movie theater. I hope they are playing something really good... because they only play one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was amazing. I seriously love my loud crazy Greek family. They are always making me smile... and this year it was really special which was perfect to celebrate what probably was my step-dad's last Christmas. I didn't get anything too big, but that's alright with me. It's not about the gifts you receive; it's about the feelings you get when you are around loved ones I think.

Anyways, take care and enjoy the rest of your holiday season!!!

PS: What's everyone doing for New Years?? I can't wait!! 2011 here we come - whoa weird!!!



  1. have a wonderful trip! xoxo jcd

  2. Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures :) Not sure what I'll be doing for New Years. It's a toss up between getting drunk off a bottle of wine by myself on the couch while watching the ball drop, or attending a house party (classy...not so much) where a certain hottie I've been coveting will be and maybe sneaking a New Years kiss. I always build up New Years in my mind and then it never lives up to my expectations.

  3. I hope you had a splendid Christmas! And Greek family, oh I bet the food was soo yummy! Sounds like a great holiday!