Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sparking Idea

How's every one's week been? Mine has been really great actually :) I got an amazing care package from my blog bestie Rachel, spend a few days at my dad's house watching movies and making Christmas cookies, got an A- in my Reading Methods class, and last night I got a sparking idea.

In case you are wondering what I meant... I'll tell you! Anyone who has read my blog knows my love for writing and also has realized that I am in the process of writing a novel. It's my goal for my future to become an author and sell my books. I'm not in it to become "famous" or to gain a lot of money, I'm doing it because the shy girl in me wants to be heard -- and I have stories to be told. I know the feeling I receive when I pick up a good book and read it; especially for the first time and I realize that I have found my new obsession. Reading just brings such joy to my life, and the way my life is going... a little joy is what I need. Anyways, so I have been getting a lot of ideas and started writing a novel. But then I got all discouraged because my idea - was already written by someone else. It was pretty depressing; I know that authors go through this and I'm being ridiculous. I need to add flare to my story to make it more personal and a reflection of who I am. But I must reply, that it put a damper on my writing. I couldn't seem to write to my ability and that in itself annoyed the hell out of me. Then last night I was just watching TV and out of NO WHERE, an idea sparked in my head. Of course I have thought about this topic for a story before, but this was different. The whole story was laid out in my mind and it was really good. I even thought of how to make it into a sequel. Grabbing a notebook, I just started webbing ideas. In about 10 minutes I made 13 characters and they were very detailed to the point of what eye color they had to the way they acted and then who they would fall in love with (I love romance). Of course I'll go back to my other idea, I've already spoken with an amazing woman for cover art - but this sparking idea couldn't be left for "later." I was grasping these concepts then for a reason and I needed to follow through it. So anyways, just wanted to share my excitement.

I also read a book last night called The Iron King. It was a YA novel and pretty good if you ask me. I feel like I have really high expectations for books and I compare them to fantastic novels which I shouldn't do. But I must say that I am so excited for Lover Unleashed to come out in March. The cover art was released and OMG!!

J.R Ward is an amazing author; it blows my mind. This is definitely not a YA novel -- it's very smutty but that's what I love about it. She has 8 books in this series and I have bought them all on my Kindle, which is quite convenient. They are listed as: Dark Lover, Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, Lover Revealed, Lover Unbound, Lover Enshrined, and Lover Avenged. This isn't your typical vampire series - I cannot even find words to explain it, but you should definitely check it out!! Amazing to the max.



  1. Hope that you are bombarded with inspiration so that you can get out of your writer's rut!

    Have a great weekend Jessica!


  2. Yay for new ideas! I haven't had many of those in a while and it would be nice if one came along! And I was gonna say wowza that does not look like a YA novel! I'm gonna check this series out next time I go to Barnes and Noble. I need some smutty (gosh I love that word ha!) novels to read now that the weather's gotten all rainy and I just want to curl up with a book. Have a fun weekend Jess!

  3. Casey - Definitely out of my writer's rut :) It's an amazing feeling. Last night I already wrote 45 pages!! Very nice feeling. I definitely am going to have to go back and revise, because I couldn't stop typing so I'm sure it's all messy. You have a great weekend as well.

    Rach - Hi lovey :) Yea, it was nice to be sparked with the ideas for the book!! Great feeling really. And you definitely DEFINITELY need to check out this series. It's honestly the best vampire series I've ever read!! Plenty of smuttyness (not a word, but oh well). Enjoy your rain - I'll try to enjoy all my snow! Have a great weekend love!


  4. PS: Check out the other cover art for all the books I listed by J.R Ward - you'll definitely see it's not a YA novel. :)

  5. I absolutely L.o.v.e the feeling of finding a book that's story completely sucks you in and becomes your new obsession. The last time that happened to me was this summer. It's time for a new book obsession :)

    That's awesome that you've got your creative juices flowing again. I'm actually reading a book about creativity. It explains why some people get stuck in certain stages and how to help yourself flow more easily from stage to stage. I'm not done yet, but if it ends up being really good, I'll let you know ^_^