Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful,And since we've no place to go,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow"

Okay... no joke: THE SNOW HASN'T STOPPED SINCE YESTERDAY. I woke up to our neighbors plowing our driveway. I told my mom that it was so nice they were doing that, and she replied, "It's the third time they have done it this morning." Cannot believe it has snowed that much! It's nuts really. My mom and I have made so many cookies; so we have made a huge plate to give to our neighbors. They're really tasty so I think they'll enjoy that :)

I posted a few more snow pictures I just took from my window & my mom's window:

Here is a picture of my pool. I thought it was amusing so I took a picture of it. When I was little I always wanted to ice-skate on it :) Don't think that would go over too well.

Here is my neighbor's house, thought it looked pretty so I took a picture.

So as you can see, Utah has it's own Winter Wonderland right now :) It may be a big pain, but it's beautiful... you can't deny that. And luckily I won't have to worry about not having a snowy Christmas! Yay!

On another note, have you all heard of "Shutterfly"? It's actually really neat! You can design anything with your pictures such as: calenders, photo books, cards, etc. My cousin and my step-mother's friend told me about it. Nicole, my cousin, has made a couple of calenders and they truly are so adorable. I was thinking about what to get my mom for Christmas and I really wanted it to be special this year because of everything she has gone through. My mom is the strong one of our family and I cannot believe how she handles the stuff she does every single day... so yes, wanted this to be a memorable gift. So with that said, I am making her a calender. It's kind of a process because I don't have that many pictures of my family on my computer... so I've been scanning pictures from the photo albums. My mom keeps yelling down stairs, "Jess, what are you up to down there?" And I reply, "Nothing mom, don't come down here!" (Dead give away.. I think so.) I think she'll really enjoy it; I have to hurry though because if I don't get it in today and ship it, it won't come by Dec 24th! So I'm racing with the clock here.

Now that I have my mother's gift settled, there is another predicament; what in the world am I going to get my step-dad?? I wanted his gift to be extremely special but I'm running a blank here :( If anyone knows of a really meaningful gift I could do: I'm all ears!!!! I just wanted something special that he would remember while he is still with us; more than just any material item you know?

Anyways, I also wanted to say I'm so thrilled that all the sudden I have so many followers! Not sure when that happened but it made my day yesterday :) I'm following you all too & I look forward to reading your blogs. Thanks for sticking with me!

Enjoy your Tuesday loves.



  1. Oh man, it hasn't snowed here hardly at all- I want it to look like this outside!

  2. hello lovely lady! so happy to be a new follower of yours :) those pictures are amazingly beautiful. i suppose it's a little bit of a pain to get around in, but it is just so lovely!

    your neighbors sound like amazing people...how sweet of them to help you out :) i am sure they will appreciate those cookies as well!!

    as far as a gift...i find that it's the handmade gifts that are the most meaningful. i absolutely love what you are doing for your mom...she will love it :) for your step-dad, this may be a little more tricky. my step dad is somewhat hard to buy for as well. so instead i made him something. it was a "message in a bottle" basically i found a pretty bottle (more masculine) at Hobby Lobby and also purchased a gold paper. i typed a message to him thanking him for being so amazing and letting him know how much i appreciated him. I rolled up the paper and tied it with string and stuck it in the bottle. I then put the bottle in a wooden box (also found at hobby lobby) filled with paper strands.

    he absolutely loved it, said it was the best thing he ever got. i'm not sure what your step dad's personality is like, but perhaps he would like something like this as well. it's definitely heart felt :)

    wowza...sorry for the length girly :) i hope i was able to help at least a little!!

  3. Wow! Your town looks gorgeous! I am jealous of all that snow! And I can't wait to bake holiday cookies... it's one of my favorite parts of the season :)

    Good luck shopping for your step-dad ~ guys are so difficult!

  4. i think your dad would appreciate a photo album too... maybe with some 'favorite family memories' quotes. this is actually what i made for my parents this year --with family photos and quotes from my brothers (using apple software).

  5. That snow is absolutely CRAZY!!! Our storms have finally stopped, thank heavens! Merry Christmas!

  6. The snow is breathtaking. I would kill for it to snow like that in South Carolina.
    Thanks for the Shutterfly idea. My mom's birthday is a few days after Christmas, I am going to personalize something on there for her.

  7. Your mom is going to love the calendar! :)

    I can't believe how beautiful all the snow is- I am jealous! We are in the low 70's here today.. sort of kills the whole Christmas atmosphere feel.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!


  8. I love the pictures! That same storm is dumping feet of snow in the our mountains. When you post that the snow has stopped, I better get my butt up and enjoy the powder before its stops here. Snowboarding is EPIC right now!

  9. the snow looks so pretty! I live in Maine, so it snows like that here too, I guess I took it for granted a little bit but seeing your photos made me realize how beautiful it can be, especially around Christmas.
    PS, I am now following! =)

  10. wish it was snowing here in atlant! thanks for reading my blog!

  11. oh my goodness! that snow is so gorgeous! looks like you're living in a perfect Christmas movie...if only we could have a white Christmas in Alabama! :)

    Love your cute blog...I'm a new follower!

  12. All I can say is that I'm so incredibly jealous of your snowfall! Oh, I live right along the coast of South Carolina, and we freaked out because it snowed almost 2 inches here last February! I only wish it were a white Christmas! Enjoy baking with your mom, sounds like too much fun darling! Yay for Shutterfly! I love the site! As for all of your followers, you deserve them darling!
    Love to you this season!

  13. Wow!! Holy catfish; I'm blown away from comments & even more followers. Thank you for all your kind words everyone -- seriously means the world. And for those that don't have any snow, please PLEASE take some of ours! We have enough to go around.

    Take care everyone.

    Lots of love xoxo.

  14. PS: Thank you also for those of you who gave me some ideas. Lindsay!! I loved your idea of what to do for my step-dad. Thanks for your help love :)