Friday, January 7, 2011

101 Followers Friday!

AHHH!! I am blown away to see that I have 101 followers on my blog.

Wow - what a great sight to wake up to. I remember for a year I had about 4 followers, who were just my closest friends. It's not a popularity contest and I don't want more and more numbers, but I love that so many people want to hear my words. That's an exciting tid-bit in itself!!!

Thank you to all of you who have stuck by my side from early on and gave me a chance when I was writing about some of the stupid things in life :) that's what makes a good blog though, the practice of writing and that's what I need. It's crazy to go back and look at your writing a year ago. Some of my posts were definitely interesting; my favorite is a poem I wrote to my step-dad. It's actually still really makes me emotional and I'll probably use it at his funeral. But anyways on a happier note: THANKS AGAIN.

Did anyone watch the People's Choice Awards?? I'm happy that once again my Twilight babes won so many, but I'm embarrassed to say, "Why is Kristen Stewart still so awkward in public?" No joke, I had to keep turning it back and forth because she was making me nervous. Just accept the award and get off of the stage. I mean last year at the MTV awards she drops the damn thing -- butter fingers I guess. Although I should be kind... I'm not good at public speaking and I know for a fact I would probably just stand there and not be able to say anything (that's why I never would want to be an actress). I feel like Inception should have won best movie over Eclipse though; I love Eclipse... it's my favorite book out of the four... but still being compared to Inception?? Come on now. They are a good looking bunch though... Kristen is gorgeous she just needs an attitude adjustment in my opinion.
Did anyone watch the premiere season opener of Jersey Shore last night? You guys, I cannot help it!! It's definitely "guilty pleasure" to watch that show. They are so obscene but that's what makes it so entertaining. Snooki's new friend Deena or whatever is definitely going to get annoying - I can already tell. And Sammi needs to get over herself, and fast. Maybe she and Kristen Stewart can go to classes to become nicer or something geeze. My favorite person is Vinny (can't help it, I think he's hot). I didn't recognize JWoww in this picture she looks really good... big boobs... but still pretty. Thank God Angelina is gone - about time. I used to be really obsessed with the Real Word so I guess this is taking over.

Another guilty pleasure I love to watch is Keeping up with the Kardashians. I love it!! Kourtney is definitely my favorite and their son is so adorable, even if Scott kind of grosses me out. Okay, one more I'll talk about is Ghost Adventures. I'm obsessed and it's weird that I am because usually stuff with ghosts freaks me out, I mean, I don't even like to go into haunted houses because people jumping out at me is definitely not appealing. But for some reason these paranormal shows have me hooked. I like learning about the history of the places that they travel to... and they receive real evidence that there is something else there. It actually facinates me to no end. I can't ever tell if I find the main guy Zac attractive or not... he actually reminds me of a guido himself who could go on Jersey Shore ;)

It's sad, my mom is finally taking down all the Christmas decorations today. It just looks so bare and plain without everything, not a fan. And what really sucks is I start school already next Monday and it's going to be intense: I go to school everyday and student teach Mon, Tues, and Thurs for four hours, and them I'm taking the hardest math class I'll ever take (yay jumping with joy). And my teacher acts like everyone is a five year old in her class - no talking, no cell phones, have to come up to the board. Unfortunately it was the only time I could take that class, and I can't be picky if I want to graduate this Spring. Kill me. I'm trying to attempt to think positively though - this will be a new experience and will definitely be interesting. And the silver lining is that I'm almost done :) Wahoo! Just have to get through this semester... thank God. Even though I do have to take one class in the summer, it only lasts for two weeks and I still get to walk in the Spring.

Another thing that sucks however, is the fact that I have been sick in bed for two days. At first I thought it was allergies, nope. Yesterday I started getting the chills and felt achy all over my body like I was beaten with a bat or something. Then last night I forgot to take my savior Nyquil and was up all night with a fever. It was horrible. This is exactly how I want to be spending my last Friday before school starts :( What sucks even more is that all my sorority friends are having a Vampire Diaries Marathon Season 2 tonight - something that I started. They keep saying I have to come... but if I feel like this, there is no way. Stupid flu. I try to take care of myself, but I guess I need to try 10x harder from now on especially because pretty soon I'll be around kids most of the time.

Does anyone else get annoyed by this:

I'm sorry... but it annoys the crap out of me the whole "word verification" word scramble. Half the time I can't even read it and I have to do it almost every time I leave a comment on your blog posts!! I understand they don't want hackers to get access, but holy moly.

This is a random blog post but I have to make it good because it's celebrating 101 followers :) I want to get my hair done again... it's been a while... but I don't know what to do. I have honestly done everything to it, and I want something fresh and new, but not sure what that is. Everyone says to stay blond for a while, I'm fine with that, but I don't want to be too blond because 1: it's hard to keep up with and 2: it's not summer so being too blond just doesn't match with me. I'm in a rut with looks and I want to change that!! Hmm... any thoughts?

On a final note, thanks again for following my blog. It means the world!!! I love following you all as well though. Hearing what you all have to say through your words and pictures is definitely an eye opener especially because you all live around the world! I love learning about you, where you come from, what you love and hate, your culture, etc. Thanks for sharing :)



  1. Congratulations on having 101 followers!

    I love hearing your thoughts, what's going on with you, and also how uplifting you are :) Very refreshing.

    Hope you feel better soon though. It super sucks getting sick on your time off. At least your sick weekend wasn't one where you needed to study and be productive? That's what I always told myself ^_^

    Again, Congrats Jess!!


  2. Congrats on the big 101!! It is always so wonderful having new followers :)

    So even if your math teacher is going to treat you guys like children this semester...that may be a good thing Hopefully she will teach that way? If that is the case it might be really easy to learn the material!! Wishful thinking anways :)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Much love,

  3. Congrats on 101 followers! It's because your blog is awesome! I enjoy reading every post.
    I didn't watch PCA but was excited to see Twilight won so many awards.

    As long as I don't get TONS of spam then you will never have to type in a verification code to comment on my blog. It is always a little surprise when you hit post comment and viola...thats it! haha
    Feel better soon!

  4. I had pink in my hair for a while, with my dark it looked awesome... especially since I was sporting the fo-hawk. Ahh, my wild years... :) Pink I say, maybe just on the bottom layer or streaks throughout.

  5. congrats on all the followers! how exciting :) i did not watch the jersey shore... i just cant do it this season after last season with sammi and roni fighting and cheating all the time. too much to handle... and i yelled at the tv a lot (def not good). i hope you feel better lady! xoxo jcd

  6. Hi lovie! First things first, I must say I am feeling better about my situation-- not 100% but much closer than I was.

    Second, I LOVE VINNY!! & I'm happy to see you agree!! I spent a long time deliberating this decision based on those eyebrows of his, but in the end i decided i could live with them :) And the same with the Kardashians. I'm always amazed with them for some reason!

    Okay and Third, I vote burgundy lowlights :) I did that in my brown hair in college and it was awesomeeee! It was a bit of maintinence though!

    Post pics when you do it!! <3 <3

    p.s. the word verify is rediculously annoying. & I'm about to do it when I post this. hahaha

    xo new friend:)

  7. Way to go on the 101 followers! You definitely deserve it sweetheart! I'm so with you on Jersey Shore & Keeping up with the Kardashians! Some of my favorites right there! I just can't help it!
    And I cannot stand the word verifications either. I remembered I had chose it when I first started blogging and I noticed the more I blogged, the more I hated doing it! So I took it off!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!

  8. Love the randomness:-) Congrats on the followers- that was an awesome day for sure!

  9. Congrats BB! You totally deserve it! And thank you for your super sweet comment on my last post :) I think you are right-2011 will be an awesome year for us!

    Oh gosh you have to take another math class? Thank god I only had to take one in college or else I would have died lol. I didn't watch the People's Choice awards but can't believe that Eclipse won. I love me some Twilight movies but the acting and special effects really can't compare to a lot of the movies that came out this year. I can't stand Kristen Stewart either, but would love to get my hands all over Taylor Lautner!

    I think that your hair is already so cute! But I def know what you mean about needing a change-I get bored with my hair so easily. I've had blonde, red, and brown hair, long and short, so there's not much left for me to do with it. I'm pretty much just trying to grow it out now. Blah.

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope your flu gets better!


  10. Congrats on 101! Ha, and I definitely agree - Kristen Stewart is way pretty but so awkward it hurts sometimes. And I hope you start feeling better soon!

  11. i just reached over 100 this weekend. doesn't it feel great! congrats to you too! and the Jersey Shore is my favorite show and my mom's too.

    p.s. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. and i'm def ready for spring too.

  12. It does feel great :) Loving Jersey Shore!!

    Thanks for the comments loves.