Sunday, January 16, 2011


It was a real bummer yesterday: I went to some site to look at backgrounds for my blog and a huge terrible fiend of a virus hit my computer. I was on the phone with a company called iyogi for more than two hours saving my computer. Viruses make me so mad, it's like, can't you apply your intelligence somewhere appropriate? But no. They go out to ruin your entire hard drive... well that doesn't "fly" with me!! Luckily we fixed the problem, but now I'm scared to go anywhere on the Internet!

After that ordeal, I watched two old classics. The first one was none other than Romeo and Juliet! There are a few versions... but this one is my favorite. I think Juliet (Olivia Hussey) is beyond gorgeous. Look at this beautiful face:
Something interesting though that I read: Oliva Hussey wasn't able to attend the London premiere of Romeo and Juliet because she wasn't old enough and there was nudity in the movie, however the nude one was her! I couldn't believe that little tid-bit. It's funny too, every time I see Romeo I think of Zac Efron a little bit! Do you get that vibe whatsoever?? He's very cute and made a fantastic romeo. Definitely the heart throb way back when.

I do like the Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes too though. I like how it's so modernized... but every single time I watch it, and she starts to wake up at the end, I want to yell, "No Leo wait!!" But of course he drinks the poison and they both see each other before he dies... it's almost more tragic that way.

The next classic I watched was Giant. I saw this movie randomly on TV one night and really enjoyed it. The three main characters are just so good looking!!

I think that Elizabeth Taylor really was a timeless beauty. Her eyes itself were enough to knock you off your feet. I miss this classic look that women used to endure!

Then there is always James Dean. I feel like he could have been the Brad Pitt of the old days. His life definitely was cut short... and I find this quote very inspiring, especially because it's something he had said, "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." I just really like that quote; it's almost like "seizing the day," which I need to honestly start living by!

There is something so extraordinary about watching old classic movies. You see how much times have changed and it's so interesting. I always wonder what it would be like to live in a different era, if I'd like it more. I guess by watching these movies it's somewhat of a "time machine" in itself.

You know what's strange though? I used to go out every single night on the weekends... and now it doesn't sound appealing in the slightest. I think I'm turning into a dud, and that's probably not a good thing. But I love just relaxing by the fire watching classics, reading and writing, and drinking coffee (even at night). Maybe it's just because last week was so hectic, but part of me think that with all the changes I've had to endure over the last two years, my body just has been in overdrive mode and I need to relax as much as possible. I'm not entirely sure, but it's what I like to do. I just hope I don't lose friends over it and am missing my chance to meet Mr. Right!!

Anyways, have an amazing Sunday and enjoy Monday off! Woot woot.



  1. Ohhhhh James Dean was such a fox. I wish guys today were as sexy as men back then. Wowza. And I agree about Elizabeth Taylor, she was just so beautiful. Look at her tiny waist and those gorgeous eyebrows.

  2. I watched that Romeo & Juliet in 9th grade english! Juliet had big boobs and all the boys commented lol

  3. So glad things are looking up on the computer front--those issues are the WORST. I haven't seen either of those movies, but now, they're in my Netflix cue. My mother LOVED that version of R&J, so I figure it's time to watch it ;) hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo {av}

  4. I haven't seen Romeo and Juliette since Jr. High- how fun, I am going to have to rent is again! And I have not seen Giant at all, going to have to Netflix that one as well. I feel like I go through phases of staying at home and wanting to go out, but don't worry while your in this phase- you will meet Mr Right when it is the "right" time:-)He will wait for you!

  5. You should get a Mac. Assuming you have like, one thousand disposable dollars in your pocket.

    Nevermind. Bad advice.

  6. Aw, that sucks that you got a virus! I'm glad you were able to fix everything. That's really interesting about how she couldn't go to the premier because of nudity when it was her! So strange!

  7. That version of Romeo & Juliet is my favorite too! I've never seen Giant though... something to look for next time I need a movie!

  8. That is my favorite version of Romeo & Juliet as well!!!

  9. *swoons* I love Romeo and Juliet and I prefer that version so much more to the Leo/Gwyneth one!