Monday, January 3, 2011

Dream World

This post is random... well as random as me so I suppose that's alright. Have you ever thought how crazy dreaming really is? And I don't mean making goals and following them - I'm talking about when you sleep the dreams that process throughout your mind!! The whole thing is seriously boggling and amazes me. I watched Inception last night for the second time, and every time I'm in awe when the credits roll at the end. The movie honestly is such a mind f*@^ (best way I could describe it sorry for the cursing). Overall the show really turns on my mind and it makes me excited to go to sleep!!

I must say though... however peculiar the dream world is, well, I find it mesmerizing. As of late actually, I have received brilliant ideas for the novel I'm writing within my dreams. I woke up this morning about 4 am, and was awakened by such a good idea. I was somewhat stuck with the novel I was writing... but this cleared it up. Grabbing my "book ideas" notebook, I started drawing and writing more ideas. When I woke up this morning, the idea was still very clear in my mind and I've been writing today ever since. Just from 10 am this morning, I have already written over 21 pages; I am quite proud of myself.

Dreaming can take you anywhere. The ideas are endless and so are the possibilities. Sometimes I wish I lived in such a beautiful world... I've realized though, that you always wake up. But what if our life was the dream and when you die, well that is the reality. This could all be a test - the test of life. That concept is off the chain crazy I know, but I can't help but wonder. And why isn't it possible? Why aren't fantasies part of this life? I believe they are. The idea of death, and heaven, and even the notion that we are here is living proof of greatness. Something huge; something we cannot describe but only have "a leap of faith" in. Seeing isn't believing in my eyes... believing is seeing. I think that's why I love to live in such a fiction type of world, why I love writing in the ways I do. It's the bigger picture. That by using your imagination you can open up this whole other world right in front of you and to me that is quite epic in itself. Life shouldn't always just be the suffering and the sadness... it's full of hope and that hope is endless. We can have anything if we just believe. And I do. Reading also takes me somewhere: an escape if you will... and that's why I love to read, read and read. Losing yourself to the written word can really be a healing process and sometimes all I need is a good twenty minutes to myself to do just that.

I've always loved my imagination. The creativity within it fascinates me and that's why I'm excited to be a teacher and hopefully someday a successful author. Expressing myself through creativity defines me as a person and I think that's saying a lot about my character. That's who I am; that's who I'll always be. And that's something special.

So dream. Follow your dreams. Have hope. Believe. Use your imagination. Be creative. Take a leap of faith. Make this life worth living.



  1. "To sleep, perchance to dream."
    I've gotten ideas from my dreams also. I wish I had more time to write! Good luck with the novel :) I hope to be published some day also.

  2. I'm glad you could remember the ideas you came up with while dreaming. I usually wake up with awesome ideas, and then don't write them down right away, and then end up forgetting them the next day :-( I started keeping a pen and paper close to my bed for that reason.

  3. I am always amazed at dreaming, too! So weird to me that you can be asleep, yet your mind is alive and awake! I usually can't remember my dreams...I wish I could!!

    You have an adorable blog!! I really love it!

  4. I agree, dreams are so amazingly mesmerizing. I love that we can experience crazy things in our dreams, and that's so great that you're getting ideas for writing from your dreams. I'll definitely be buying one of your books when you finally get it printed.

    Can I get mine signed too? ^_^

    Jess, imagination and creativity, those things are the threads of humanity. It's what makes up different from all other forms of life. It's so great to see other people embracing it, like you do! :D


  5. Thanks for the comments as always! Megan thank you, yours is as well.

    Trisha - I loved this comment you left. It was awesome :) You are so cute. You'll definitely get a signed copy of my book when it comes out!!! Thanks for your kind words.