Saturday, January 1, 2011

Greek Knights NYE

First off, happy 1/1/11 :) How cool is that?? Anyways... rolling into 2011 on New Years Eve was beyond a blast. This was one of the best New Years parties I have ever been to. I am proud to say I am Greek after a party like that last night :) I love the picture above - they actually had a photo booth that was for free and you would instantly get a picture strip. I love mine!! The greatest thing about it is that I actually look taller than my too friends (I'm the blond on the right with the curly hair). My heals were about 4 inches and I stood taller than a lot of people. Being a shorty... well it was a strange, but fabulous experience. Here are some more pictures from my night:

There are a lot more... but you get the message. My dress was amazingly hot I must say, but it was way short - like short... short. I couldn't bend over, woopsy-daisy. They decorated the whole place with black and white sheet type things on the ceiling with tons of twinkling lights. They had 4 open bars, a DJ, food, and that awesome photo booth. There were people there that I haven't seen in years!! Sadly though, the boy I wanted to kiss was working there and I couldn't find him at midnight; my good friend Dede was my New Years kiss (she's a babe so I was a lucky duck). Then the boys started grabbing me and kissing me. A drunk guy even grabbed me thirty minutes after midnight and kissed me - I was like whoa... okay pal, the kissing time is over!! I'm still bummed I didn't get to kiss my midnight crush, but who knows maybe something will happen down the line. I also didn't get drunk; I was practically the only sober-ish one there. So with that brings a lot of drama... a lot of drama. I swear every couple in that joint were having problems. Crying friends, fights, extra extra... but the good person I am, I helped them out, even though my cousin and her boyfriend of 3 years broke up last night :( I feel really bad for them. I thought they were going to get married. But you never know like I said - the future brings many surprises with it. Our path is always changing. I didn't let myself get tied too much into the drama though, because believe it or not, I wanted to enjoy myself and I'm glad to say I did!! Very much so.

So bloggers - tell me, how was your New Years Eve?! I want to hear all about it. Ready. Set. GO!!



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing night, minus the drama of course!! I did nothing and it was marv, seriously feel asleep on the couch and my mom woke me up right before the new year. I went out numerous times this week so not going out was A-okay with me!! Happy New Year once again and I am glad to hear you had such a great time. p.S. Your pictures are great!

  2. sounds like you had a good time-- its always interesting when you're the only sober one at a party. i went to a friends house party and celebrated with friends. it was pretty low key (i was kinda bummed the bf was at work) but i had fun with friends. i had a nice little buzz which turned into a full blown hangover the next day (DEF cannot drink like i did in college). ah well overall lots of fun. xoxo jcd

  3. You are GORGEOUS, love the photo booth idea!

  4. Oh my gosh! Must I say that I am completely jealous of your super fun NYE party! 4 open bars! Holy moley! You looked gorgeous and photo booths are always such a good time!
    I spent NYE with pink champagne, jello shots, and my sweetheart!
    Xoxo to you darling!

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  6. Just discovered your blog!

    I'm a Pi Phi too! NY Alpha!

    Follow me!

  7. So true that you never know what the future holds! Looks like u had a fun night mius all the drama that comes with drunk people lol

  8. my cousin and his girlfriend broke up right before christmas and I thought they were going to get married too :( but I love all the pictures and so great you had a good night!

  9. Ok, how did I miss this post??? What a bad bloggy bestie I am. I have many things to say:

    1. You look effing HOT, like smokin in that LBD.

    2. I am jealous of your hair. Mine is still too short to curl.

    3. My NYE kiss last year was one of my girlfriends, too. I still haven't gotten a REAL NYE kiss though poo!

    4. Loves how all the guys were grabbing you to kiss you. Funny how alcohol can make people so friendly ha!

    5. Thank god none of the drama didn't involve you! I was sober this year too (just went to a lil casual get together) and my best friend called me balling from Tahoe because she was drunk and embarrassed herself in front of some guy. Made me so glad I didn't have to deal with any of that.

    6. So glad you had fun, darling!

    7. Um excuse me, who is this boy crush? Spill the details ;)

    I just know that 2011 has some amazing things in store for you Jess! I am so glad that we are friends :)

  10. first off, you are just beautiful and thank you for the comment on my blog and becoming a follower! I promise that when i finish with my degree i will make your house pretty like that. my fav was the dr seuss room.

  11. Thanks for the great comments everyone :)

    Love you all!