Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's C-C-Cold!!

(Took this picture on my way home from school)

So apparently I didn't watch the weather forecast for today, because when I woke up I was shocked to see everything covered in white!! I know, I know... I live in Utah. Snow isn't exactly a big shocker around here, it's just the everyday life style; although yesterday was sunny and felt like a beautiful Spring day! So to go to this type of weather all of the sudden didn't exactly make me jump for joy. Yes, it's beautiful and as you can see in that picture I took on the way home from school, our mountains are beyond breathtaking - but you have to realize that driving to school today wasn't not a fun adventure in the slightest. My poor little Jetta was skidding and sliding all over the freeway. The snowplows hadn't even shoveled yet, so it was quite frightening. I wished at the time they would've canceled classes, but then I wouldn't have been able to see my adorable student's faces!!

Overall it was a pretty glorious day!! My positivity is really taking over and I feel better and better :) Living everyday feeling the gratitude and the love for your surroundings truly makes a difference; for the better. I actually found this link on the Secret website and I wanted to share it with you all. It's a beautiful video taken from Planet Earth. Seriously it's breathtaking. And I don't think it's possible to watch this and not feel thankful at the beauty around us:

Okay, so I know I talk about this a lot, but I really don't care!! I found out about a week ago that Alex Pettyfer has in fact been considered by the director for Mortal Instruments to play Jace Wayland. Fans everywhere seriously are beyond ecstatic! They are finally listening to our calls. Edward Cullen's role was one thing - it's hard to decipher the most beautiful boy you have ever seen, but Alex fits all the characteristics for Jace that it's almost creepy it the best sort of way. It has been confirmed that he has read all the books, read the screenplay and loved it. He thinks Lily Collins is the perfect role for Clary, as do I, and he will decide shortly what he's going to do. I feel like they are making us wait... but I do think he'll do it. He is very busy with just finishing I Am Number 4, which I want to read and go see, and he is signed up to do quite a few other movies after this. But it doesn't matter, he is the best Jace there is! Even his mannerisms define the character. And for the fact he's sexy to the max helps his cause as well. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed!!

Speaking of hot guys... I cannot wait to see this hottie on Thursday:
That's right: Damon Salvatore. Vampire Diaries is finally back on and I'm so stoked for it!! It's honestly the highlight of my week! I just hope for some Delena (even though they said he's going to be getting a new girlfriend and it won't be Elena), I will not give up on them. The writers have built these two characters up so much during season 1 and so far in season 2 that it wouldn't make sense if nothing ever happened between them. I mean he said he loved her already for God's sake! That means something... hellooo!! Hopefully they're just building them up even further so when they do happen, and they will, they will be extraordinary. I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan of Elena and Stefan. I would almost rather him be with Katherine. They are just boring (except for the first time they made love, that was beautiful), but you catch my drift... unless you've never seen this show then sorry! But you should watch it; it's beyond amazing. So here's counting down the days till Thursday!

Adding onto the guilty pleasures of television, I finally watched Kourtney & Kim Take New York City and loved it. I could never live in NYC because it's too fast-paced for my taste and I'm definitely a country type girl instead, but there is something so dazzling about that city. They are definitely going to take over that town!! I feel like Kim has issues with guys and that Kourtney needs to spend sometime with Kim instead of just Scott 24/7. I expect good things from this season.
Have a fabulous night everyone - I'm off to go do math homework. I cannot wait; I'm so good with math and understand it really well (did you believe my positive thinking? Haha).



  1. lots of snow! I watched K and K last night

  2. drive safe!!!!! gorgeous photo.. but i know what you mean. im over winter too. xoxo jcd

  3. You see THAT everyday?! It's beautiful! That reminds me of my stay in Alaska.