Thursday, January 13, 2011

This & That

Today was my last day of school for the week - wahoo!!! It's been extremely busy... but I don't have school on Fridays, so that's pretty much worth a hard week if you ask me. I did student teaching today, and I don't know why but I had NO patience in the classroom today, which is really unlike me because I always have a good tolerance for craziness. Maybe it was because I was so tired, I'm not entirely sure, but the children were bouncing off the walls. They couldn't go outside today either because we had "red air day" which means don't go outside. The air is beyond horrible out there all day... you totally feel like your breath is being sucked out of your lungs. Luckily however, it's snowing right now, so that should wash out that disgusting smog!

I got through today because of the little known fact that me, my cousins Nicole & Alaina, and our friend Lex were going to go to dinner at 6 pm at Porcupine Pub & Grille. Yes, I was counting down the minutes. Mind you, this is my favorite restaurant... pretty much ever! It's a huge reason why I don't want to move away from Utah because it isn't a chain - which is something I love about it; makes it special. Right now it's ski season in Utah and Big Cottonwood Canyon and my house, are right up the street from Porcupine (probably another reason I love it so much - so close) and that means Porcupine is always packed full. Which somewhat sucks when you are waiting for a table, but it means the place is even more lively, the bar is packed, and there are tons of hotties on board ;)
I love the wintertime because they have their famous Chicken Noodle Soup. If you look it up on their website they show a picture. Oh my God, it's absolutely delectable. Honestly, it's the best soup in the world. It's different from all other chicken noodle soups. It's not made of all broth and pure liquid - it's extremely creamy and thick. The noodles are so good and the chicken make it!! I just had it tonight, and just describing it is making me hungry. I also always get their Ceaser salad - yum. But something else they are famous for are these bad boys:
These nachos might not look like much in the picture, but holy wow - they are huge!! This is a smaller order... the big one is humongous and these chips are loaded. Not just a dab of cheese sprinkled on top... oh no... these are smothered in everything delicious. And I love Mexican food so it's perfect. Everything on their menu is so good I haven't found one thing I don't like yet!! I have a sweatshirt from there that is so cute, I mean look at that little porcupine :) aw. I had so much fun with these girls; I always do. We can just talk, talk, and talk some more. They always make me smile!! Then me and the cousins went to their parent's house and we watched the new episode of Jersey Shore (guilty pleasure). Sammi is annoying wow and Vinny keeps getting cuter!

Okay, enough about food and TV... something else to rant about is the fact that I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. YAY! It's been so long that I cannot even remember when the last time I got it done was... I know it was before I went to Europe - so sometime in the summer. I love getting my hair done; it's relaxing and having people pamper you is always quite nice. The only thing is... is that I'm really ADD when it comes to my hair; I always have to do something to it. As you can see in this nice little collage I made a while back:

When I was little I had blond hair up until senior year of high school... then I went with dark hair. It was such a shock and I absolutely loved it. So I stayed dark for a long time. But after a while... that got boring, so I chopped it all off. Loved it. Then time rolled by and I got sick of that so I went back blond and grew my hair out. Oh... didn't stop there - then I dyed my hair dark again and grew it even longer: it was the longest it has ever been in my life - went almost to my butt!!! But that was too much. I left the color alone because I wanted to see what my natural color was and it was a light brown and I finally chopped it the shortest I had ever been. Everyone loved it... including me!! I kept it short and dark for a very long time, but the ADD kicked the can and well - I went blond. So then all last summer I was short hair with blond something I hadn't been before. It's still blond right now and it's actually a little past my shoulders. So that's where I stand right now. Everyone keeps telling me to stay blond, and I actually agree. It is a lot of work because I'm not naturally blond anymore - but I like how I don't look so washed out with it. I used to go tanning... too frequently, and I don't anymore because how bad it is for your skin (even though I'm pretty sure the damage has already soaked it's way right in) and with dark hair I would look like a Gothic. I definitely will go dark again however; I love it. I love everything about dark hair. It's exotic and beautiful - but for now, blond is where I stand. However the ADD is nagging as always and I'm bored with it - not sure what to do! I don't want to be too blond, but I have to touch up these roots of mine - yikes. I think I'm going to put low lights in it though... so some dark throughout it and I definitely need a trim; realistically like an inch or so. So hopefully it will look good eek!

So that's my tid-bit post on a little bit of this... and a little bit of that :)

MWAH xo.


  1. omg those nachos look GOOD! good luck with your haircut, i always get super anxious when i get mine cut! xoxo jcd ps i stopped watching the jersey shore bc of how annoying sam and ronni were last season-- i kept yelling at the tv-- no good. but i do secretly miss it. ah well.

  2. I cannot stop thinking about those nachos...they look SO DELICIOUS! And I can't wait to see you hair- good luck:-)

  3. Thanks!! My hair doesn't look a lot different... didn't really add dark in it - just did a touch up; so not that exciting.

    But those nachos are the bomb!!!!!!!

  4. I coach gymnastics, which isn't exactly the same as teaching but little kids are so energetic and sometimes it gets crazy. :)

    Hair- I have gone through so many phases too. I can't believe people who have never dyed their hair!