Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Weekend in the SLC

My weekend was overall a 7 & 1/2 ;) Sorry for the depressing post yesterday... but I had to let out my feelings; sue me! Anyways, when my brother was in town we all went to Gateway (a outside shopping strip mall) and ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. So we are sitting there and I see this woman sitting across from us. I lean over to Cam and whisper, "Doesn't that woman over there look like Rosie O'Donnell?" And my brother replies, "No, that doesn't look like Rosie O'Donnell... that is Rosie O'Donnell." Yes. It was Rosie O'Donnell. Here is my proof of the matter:
I was even trying to act non-conspicuous and took a picture of my sis-in-law and nephew Jaxon... but I totally got Rosie in the back :)

I'm pretty sure the reason Rosie O'Donnell was in Utah was because it's the Sundance Film Festival right now. Movie stars, directors, producers, photographers, artists, etc all come to the Beehive state at this time of year every year to attend this festival. If you go to it, you are guaranteed to see someone famous. I definitely want to go up there, because I don't want to say the only movie star I saw was Rosie! Yikes. She was kind of scary and was scowling the entire time. I was scared she'd see me taking pictures of her and break it!!

Anyways, a rewind on the day was that this was Friday and like I said we went to Gateway Mall. I was a dweeb and took a picture of my outfit because I love the pants and shoes that I was wearing; okay, I loved my entire outfit!! Too bad it's such a "myspace" picture ;) You can even see my adorable little brother Landon in his tux on the mirror!

After lunch and spotting Rosie, we were going to go to the aquarium to find out that they got rid of it. But it was okay we made do; instead we went to Discovery Kids Land which is awesome!! This place is like a little world for children and gave me great ideas for when I do my solo days for student teaching. I can use this place for one of my field trips!! Here are some pictures that I took when we were there. My nephews are adorable. The older one who is five is Isaac and then the one year old is Jaxon. They make me smile!

We stopped after and got caramel apples; mine was amazing: Apple Pie Caramel Apple, to die for, honestly. On the way home there was a beautiful sunset. Pictures definitely don't do it justice. It's sights such as these that make you appreciate life altogether.
When we got back to my house it was bath time. It was so adorable: Jaxon didn't want to wait while my sis-in-law got Isaac into the tub and so Jax dove right into it with half of his clothes still on. I had to take a picture because it was funny!!
Isaac is into super heroes right now, and his pajamas are of Batman!! I'm a huge fan of Batman ever since I was little of the age of 3 to be exact. I used to run around the house in a cape and a mask. That was me instead of playing with Barbies at a young age. But look how cute he looks as we was modeling for me:
I was exhausted after that day - but not too exhausted to stay up and watch the new episode of Jersey Shore that I missed with my cousin Nicole. I was hoping to get a good nights rest...but sadly didn't sleep too well because of my step-dad. But that's alright. Family is there for each other no matter what. The next day was a lot more laid back. They were leaving so they kind of did their own thing and went to lunch. Me, Colette, and Isaac watched Daddy Day Care, which was a nice break from the Peter Pan series that Isaac had become obsessed with because of me. I got him to watch Hook on Thursday and since then he watched it four times, then the cartoon Peter Pan, and then the remake of Peter Pan. I definitely approve because Hook is one of my all time favorites! The family said their goodbyes and it definitely was an emotional one. But I'm excited because me and Nicole are going to go stay with my brother and them during President's Weekend!!! Idaho isn't the most exciting place in the world, but it's close and it will be nice to get away.

Today was fun! Definitely a cousin day to the max. Me, Nicole and my other cousins Alaina and Chris went and saw No Strings Attached.

I actually really liked it and not because Natalie Portman is one of my favorites and that Ashton Kutcher is amazingly sexy (and you get to see his butt a lot), but because it was just refreshing and I liked seeing a stronger woman in one of these romantic movies for once. It definitely made me want a boy though, especially on their Valentine's Day date. Thought it was so cute when he gave her carrots instead of flowers:
I want a boy like Adam (Ashton Kutcher's role) in the movie. He wasn't afraid to explain to her how he felt. He was compassionate, cheesy, happy, and adorable. He could also make her laugh - and I love a guy with a sense of humor!! That's the greatest if you ask me. Usually I get saddened when I watch a romantic movie because I realize I don't have that other half to me and feel lonely; this time was different. I didn't feel that sense of loneliness, but instead feel excitement for when I meet my Mr. Right. I know he'll have all those qualities that I want in a man. So I'm no longer afraid. He's out there. And I'll meet him when I meet him. But I also feel that sense of security that I know he's within my grasp. That in itself is something to smile about. I do think for Valentine's Day, that me and my cousins (us girls) are going to have a night of movies, dinner, junk food, and wine! I'm going to surprise them both and send them flowers and chocolates at work. My cousin Alaina gets sad because she can never meet the right guy and she's getting older, so she is becoming insecure. And Nicole and her boyfriend of 3 years broke up after New Years... and this is the first Valentine's Day she'll be alone, so I want to make her smile and not feel lonely :)
After that we all went to the Cottonwood Club where I'm a member and ate there for old times sake. It was delicious!! We then went back to their parent's house where they go on Sundays and we were going to watch my favorite Disney movie the Little Mermaid, but their VHS wasn't working... so instead we watched episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - my guilty pleasure that got me into the whole "vampire scene" to begin with.
So overall it was a fantastic weekend, last night was harder for me because I was sad, but today reminded me that the sun still shines (which it was today) and you can still laugh so hard tears fall down your cheeks. It's days like this, and weekends like this that make me prepared for the long week ahead.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a fantastic week!
All my love.


  1. You and your nephews are SO CUTE! Aren't nephews the best? I love your outfit too! And no, Rosie is not the person I would like to see out of any celebrity but its still pretty cool:-)

  2. I've always wanted to try california pizza kitchen. Well it doesn't sound like your weekend was too bad!

  3. HAHAHA for some reason this just cracked me UP! I can't believe out of all the celebs in the world, you run into ROSIE!

    Love your blog, found it through cornflakedreams. Visit me sometime!

  4. I'm glad your weekend was good! I saw no strings attached as well and also loved it! Couldn't agree more with wanting an "adam-esk" boyfriend or that natalie portman did a great job of portraying a strong woman in it! just a great movie overall :)

  5. seeing rosie in a public place would be a nice surprise, but then any celebrity would be. & must I say the bathtub picture is too cute - kids are too funny!