Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Am I Loving? I'll Tell You!

Like my title?? It's spunky and fresh... okay not at all. Ha!!

I don't have much to write about on this lovely What I'm Loving Wednesday - but it's become a tradition to write on these days and it's 11:45... so I am quickly running out of time!

Today was a busy day, especially because of math. I'm a procrastinator, that's just me. One of these days I keep thinking that part of me will change, but it never does and I realized why: because I always get my tasks done. I have never once failed at turning something in when I waited till the last possible micro-second!! Sadly, if anything it kicks my butt into gear. I kind of like that motivation but I don't love the stress that piles on with it; nope, not at all.

BUT besides having a stressful day with math, I had a meeting today with the other student teachers in my class and we picked our days for solo teaching. We have five days and a team teaching day. Yes, it's overwhelming to think about planning the day and running it... but the head teacher said something tonight that I really respected, "I will be there to help guide you if you need me, but I won't tell you if you are doing something wrong. I want to give you a chance to know what it's like to be a true teacher. I am handing this class to you and it will be yours. If the day doesn't go as planned or something goes wrong, you will learn from that and that experience you will treasure forever. I want this to be the most meaningful glass you have taken from college and I want you to leave at the end of the semester no longer a student, but a teacher ready to face the world." :) And yes, that was a lot to say... but that's practically dead on to what she said. I remembered it because it really touched me. This is my chance to do what I love to do. This is my chance to put into action what I've been going to college for, for all these years. So that was the main thing I loved about today. I'm growing up in the very best possible way.

Another thing I decided to do today was to make a "Visionary Board." I've been really trying to be positive to the max lately by reading the Secret, surrounding myself around things and people that I love, showing gratitude and more, but a visionary board is taking it a step further. It's putting everything you love, want, wish for, dream of, are inspired by on this board that you yourself designs. It's like making a collage basically and I have to admit I'm already happy during the process of making it. I scrimmaged through magazines and have been cutting stuff out. I'm also going to get stuff off the Internet as well. I'm going to share my finished product onto my blog... but it's just a bunch of words right now - so next time!! Every time I look at this board I will be reminded of my goals and what I want to achieve in life, what I know I'll receive if I give a lot back. The whole idea of showing gratitude truly makes you feel big inside; sometimes we only look at what we don't want in life and we don't show thanks when it's really deserved. Everything in our life that we have received comes from the act of love. Without love there is no life at all.

Going along the topic of love... I must say that I LOVE the idea of LOVE. Ask anyone you meet, I'm a hopeless romantic all the way. I love the lovey dovey movies, and if I read a book and it doesn't have at least a little bit of romance in it - nope. I look at couples and instead of feeling jealous, it makes me feel excited. I cannot wait to fall in love. I have dated, but never been in love. I've brought this up before, but I'll bring it up once again. I have felt lust only towards my crushes and boyfriends. Lust can have a strange affect on you because it seems like love, but there are key components to why that isn't so (I had a class that talked about this in high school). Love is patient, not jealous, and everlasting... lust isn't. I'm going to meet my Mr. Right. And I'm done with the whole "Mr. Right Now." I want my Mr. Right. I'm ready for him. And I know he's out there... so it will happen because I believe in love and I know I deserve to have love returned! :)

Want to know something else I love?? Animals. Animals just bring a smile onto my face, it doesn't matter if they do anything at all. They could just sit there and you will be like, "awww.." Just look at these pictures and tell me they make you happy, because I know they will!

The last one is my favorite; so precious! Especially because it's one of my favorite types of dog: Golden Retriever. I seriously want a dog so much. My mom is always like, when you move out you can get whatever you want, but not here. I am definitely a cat person, but I love dogs as well. I just have never been fortunate to grow up with one. I have a beagle named Sport at my dad's house and he is such an amazing dog - but I don't see him nearly enough. I want to come home from a bad day at school and go walk my dog or just sit and play with a ball and hug him! I know they are a lot to manage, but I'm really looking forward to getting one... one day. I'll probably start off with a kitten. They are adorable and easy to manage!

One more thing I love then I'm going to bed because I'm beyond exhausted. SPRING!
I love, love, love Springtime. It's actually my favorite season, and not just because my birthday is in May. I love that everything comes alive in Spring, well back to life I should say. The flowers start blooming again and the baby animals are born. I always think of the Secret Garden.
I would go to my Nana's house when I was younger and we would watch this movie - she loved when they took Colin into the garden and it shows all of the blossoms for the first time. The music always is so breathtaking, and now when I watch the movie I cry every time. Nature's beauty is the greatest beauty of all and that's something in itself that we should be grateful for. The song "Winter Light" at the end of the movie is my favorite, and I found it on itunes the other day; definitely made me happy. I think I need to go back to my Nana's and watch this with her. It would be a fantastic surprise and a great way to welcome Spring and pray the snow will stop soon.

Well I hope you all had a wonderful day. Goodnight!


  1. Omg I love this post! We are seriously so much alike it's scary! First off, I know you are going to kick ass student teaching and those kiddos are going to love you! Second, the idea of visionary board is great. Sometimes seeing you dreams and goals down in words can really lift you up on a bad day. I recently started writing little sayings on my bathroom mirror at night like "you're gorgeous!" and "you can do anything!" so I see them in the morning when I don't feel particularly positive. Lame, but it's been working ha! Third, we already know I feel the same way about love as you so don't need to go into that :) Fourth, I want a pup so bad as well! My parents have a Border Collie who can't live with another dog so I have to I wait till I move out too. I really want to adopt a little dog from the shelter and can't wait til I become the momma of a furbaby! Fifth, I love the secret garden. I always bawl my eyes out pretty much through the entire movie (but I guess it doesn't take much) and I think the love story between Dickens and Mary is so cute. I always imagined they would get married when they grew up. Did you ever see the movie A Little Princess when you were a kid? I loved that one too! Have a fab Thursday love!


  2. Just found your cute blog! I'm liking your list of loves! Your idea of love is right on too! It's a real thing that exists and is more than just a feeling/emotion. The world has skewed it into something different, but your heart knows what is true:-)

    P.S. I always cry during the Secret Garden too! I saw it was on Netflix the other day, I just might have to watch it.

  3. I love that you do these- these posts are always so happy and positive, I just love it!

    Maybe since your mom won't let you get a dog, you could get a bunny or something little? That one up there is SO CUTE!

    Have a great weekend!