Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Alright so I have never done a "What I Love Wednesday" post, so I'm going to start right about now on it.

1. I just heard that one of my favorite book series is being made into a movie!! I had heard rumors about it being made, so I didn't take it too seriously. But I went onto the author's site to check out information on her latest book, and I saw it in bold letters. Yup, the Mortal Instruments is going to be made into a movie. I'm excited beyond belief right now! I honestly jumped up and down like a little school girl at the news.

That's the main website for Cassandra Clare; if you haven't read this series... I strongly advise you too! Seriously though, it's awesome.

And that's not the best of it... such a beautiful actress, Phil Collins daughter who starred in the Blind Side is going to be the main character Clary!!! She is absolutely perfect for the role... actually better than I imagined, so I'm a happy clam.

Now all they need is Alex Pettyfer for the role of Jace and it would be complete. I'm actually a little nervous for who they are going to choose for Jace Wayland. They cannot mess this up!! Everyone agrees how perfect Alex is for it though -- he looks exactly as the author describes. I have to do two pictures because he's that hot. It's amusing too, because I usually am more attracted to the dark-hair kind of guys. But he has that raw sex appeal that makes me squeal!! Maybe it's because Jace, the character, looks so much like him in my mind and his character is so hot - just the way he acts will have you dying.

2. Next is the pictures from Claudia - phatpuppyart. She has facebook, and other sources. The name is kind of weird, but she is honestly amazing. Her work is beyond beautiful and it blows me away every single time! She makes a lot of cover art for books, recently for an author named Amanda Hocking who is a self-publishing author and is making so much money just from selling her books on kindle! It's amazing really. Anyways, Claudia is very talented, and I've actually contacted her and the exciting news is she said she would be more than happy to make cover art for my first novel!! I've already picked a few of her pieces already - but for my debut novel I think she is going to make one just for me. It's so exciting and it makes the process real. So go check out her work if you haven't already! Because these small pictures I have placed on this post, doesn't do her justice in the slightest.

3. This one is kind of silly but I love: Snowmen. I think snowmen are so cute!! We have them all over our house and anything to do with them I simply love!!
Another silly thing I love is crayons. Seriously, how much fun is coloring? Maybe that's another reason I want to be a kindergarten teacher - because then I get to color all day and express my creativity! There is nothing like a fresh box of crayons - all the colors... yup obsessed with them :) I always watch on TV how things are made, and one day I saw a special on crayons; it truly is amazing how they make things. Mesmerizing if you ask my opinion.

4. My latest book I'm reading is:

This book is actually really informative and just a positive reminder that you can do anything you put your heart and mind to. Writing Fiction for Dummies, is the first "dummies" book I've ever read. I actually really like it and like how it's simple yet it really is helping me!! Already my writing skills have gotten better. But I still am probably going to take a creative writing class Spring semester just because... I really want to just worry because my schedule is already so action-packed with stupid math 4020 (it never ends) and student teaching which I'm thrilled about. But sometimes you need to fit in things that you love; that's the point of college is it not? Anyways, fantastic book and an easy read. I recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting published someday.

5. And last but certaintly not least is this picture and the idea of HOPE:

I found it the other day and just had to put it somewhere on my blog!! Recently talking so much about hope, I thought it went perfectly. It isn't the picture I desperately love, it's the "idea." Hope is so powerful and everyone should have hope in their daily lives. Without it can be a very scary thing... with it can make all the differences in the world. So I hope you find your little jar of hope and make your dreams come true.



  1. OMG so exciting about the cover art! Those pictures are gorgeous and look very familiar, which means I must have seen her art somewhere before! Can't wait to hear more about your new book. I highly recommend taking a creative writing course, because if you get a great professor, not only is it fun, but your writing and process will improve so much (no matter how good you already are!). I actually just wrote my favorite creative writing professor a thank you note for inspiring me so much!

  2. I'll have to check out Mortal Instruments (: I love having a good read... and I'm pretty sure you've mentioned this before, so I bet it's good ^_^

    Coloring is pretty much the best. I like that you love it too. Although, crayons are not my choice medium... have you ever shredded them, put the shavings between wax paper and then melted it with an iron? We did that when I was little. All the different colors would flow together and then you could cut them out into shapes... even frame them. Soooo much fun :) ..... then again I was 8...

    True story: my dog attacks snowmen. I don't know what his deal is... haha

    Cute photo for you:

    Did you see the post I did titled "frustration is very stimulating"

    She's a fictional writer and she had some really interesting things to say. You'd probably really like it ^_^

    Happy Wednesday, darling. ))


  3. i agree with Rach-- you should take a creative writing course if you have time in your schedule (or even after you graduate). you will benefit from peer critiques and being surrounded by around other writers. xoxo jcd
    ps coloring is the best-- there are some pretty smaaaancy grown up coloring books out now. fun stuff!

  4. OMFG are you serious!? I love those books! And I love you! AH!

  5. Oh wow. I love coloring, too. :) I can't wait till my baby wants to color...we'll be some coloring fools. Ha.

  6. I love coloring too, and thanks for the book recommendation- I will be adding that to my list!

  7. Those books are actually on my list of books to purchase! I might want to read them before the movie comes out. lol

  8. fabulous blog!...inspiring and gorgeous posts.
    Love your choice of things to love.

  9. Hello :) I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to check it out if you're interested. Best of luck to you!



  10. i've just come over from bethani's blog "when a girl met a boy" and am thinking i've wondered into a melting pot of joy. great articles lades! Wednesday's turned out to be not so drab after all, thanks! i love A.P. and am anxiously awaiting the release of "Beastly". also based from a novel. they've been bumping back the release and now i'll have to wait till March unfortch. follower 100 signing on! ♥

  11. I must say... I seriously love my followers to bits and pieces... you all take so long on your comments. Thanks lovies!!!