Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Here we go again... another Wednesday!! I'll tell you what I don't love about today: the fact that I have math class tonight. I know, I know I whine about it a lot - but I cannot stand this class. It's back to geometry type stuff, and my teachers never taught me geometry very well. But I'm trying! I've had to go through magazines finding shapes, and I already have a quiz tonight!! Need to be done with school, that's my inspiration.

But what I do love about today is that my older brother, my sister-in-law, and two adorable nephews are coming into town today. They are staying with us, so by the time I'm back from math class, they'll be here!! They will be here till Saturday, so I have to make these days count. Mostly they are here to spend time with my step-dad (because that's his son), so it can be very depressing. But it's still really nice to see them!

So I'm a huge fan of the Secret. I love the positivity that it brings to your life when you read the book and watch the movie. I know a lot of people don't believe in it, but I do. I need to work harder at being more positive though. As you can see... I was already negative in this post about math. You have to show gratitude to everything around you, and life's barriers are a way for us to grow. I've actually started to read The Power, which is the sequel to the Secret. Part of me almost likes it more, but they are definitely two books that make you feel good.

I said I was going to watch it... and I have. I am almost done with season 1 of Glee - it's so awesome. I love the music - the main girl has such a beautiful voice!! And Kurt blows me away; he can sing so high that I thought it was a girl at first. Puck is hot too!! I don't know what it is about me and those bad boys - but I love em'. I already have about 26 songs from the show on my ipod :)

Okay, so I'm such a dork, but I took a picture trying to show off my hair. It's not a big change in the slightest, yet I love it. It's still blond - but I used my natural darker color to have dark mixed in with the high-lights. I definitely think I'll stay blond for a while, but I most likely will have dark hair again someday.

The other things I love are things I have in my room - I took pictures of them... yup I sure did. They all symbolize something that I truly care about - that's why they are in my room!!

This new bag I bought is amazing! It says love on it and I am not sure if you can see it or not... but there are tons of writing on it - which symbolizes how much I love writing. But in all different ways and languages are love sayings - or just the word love. It's so cute!!

This is my kindle and my writing journal (the kindle is in my green case). I love it because a little light is in the case and lights up when I pull it up! Very creative. My kindle is something, besides my ipod, that I take almost everywhere. I already have 75 books on it, and a lot of them I've read over 7 times! Yes, I'm a bookworm to the max and I'm very proud of it!! My journal isn't just a journal to write feelings in, because I already have one of those. This journal is special to me because it has all my ideas for my novels inside. The novel I'm writing now has about 26 pages in this journal with ideas, plot, characters, sayings/quotes, descriptive words, theme, setting, etc. It's really helpful and almost like my bible... so to speak.

This candle is really special because I got it in one of my favorite places: Florence, Oregon. I wouldn't move to Florence because it's really small, but it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my opinion. The coast is amazing and with all the green... well it was enough to make me want to move to Oregon all together. I'll probably move to Eugene because it's bigger, but the plus side to that is that it's only 45 minutes away from Florence. Definitely a win-win situation. The candle is so cool because there is blue sand and seashells inside from the beach where me and my best friend stayed!! Love it.

Okay, so I'm a huge Boston Red Sox fan. I'm sure a lot of you are Yankees fan... but who cares ;) I fell in love with them when I was younger, and it's a dream of mine to go to Fenway Park someday to see a game. Actually it's a dream to go to Massachusetts at all! There is so much history there and I would love to go see Harvard as well. My older brother who is coming into town gave me this hat... I love it, but I wish it had been reversed the colors - the blue on the outside and the "B" red. But it was a gift, so I'm thankful for that! I love the movie Fever Pitch - I'm definitely not that big of a fan, but it's such a good show!

Last but not least is my bed. Okay this bed is beyond comfortable!! Everyday I look forward to lying in it because it feels so good. I also love stars - so the star behind my bed definitely makes me happy.

I think a person's room really reflects them. It's like a little secret world to your life - it's your space, your area and yours alone. That's what makes it special.

So those are just some of the things that I love this Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy your day loves!



  1. I love your hair!! It looks great!

    I also love this post. It was fun to see a few of the items in your room. You really can get to know a person better by seeing the kinds of things they keep in their bedroom.

    One last tid bit....I love that you keep a journal with you at all times. I can't wait to read one of you novels one day :)

  2. I love this post!!! Don't you just love your Kindle!!! I have the Nook, but it's pretty much the same thing in my eyes. lol

  3. Yay for WILW! Love the Red Sox {I married a New I better!} and LOVE Glee! Can't wait for it to come back on soon! Hope you have a great night :) xoxox {av}

  4. love your new hair! have a good time with your brother and sister in law!! have fun with the kiddies. xoxo jcd

  5. Love the new hair, it looks great!

    So happy to hear you love Oregon- I grew up in Vancouver, Wa which is right across the Columbian river from Portland, Oregon and I love the Northwest so much. The coast is so pretty! Most people think it is dark and depressing but I think quite the opposite! If you ever get a chance, you should visit Seaside, Oregon- its so fun there!