Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hurricane A-Comin'

Holy crapola! Seriously everyone... today outside was nuts. First of all it was a beautiful beautiful day. The snow was covered like a soft blanket and the sky was blue: B.L.U.E = BLUE (which by the way, I'm having one of those moments where you look at a simple word at it looks completely distorted and wrong... blue just looks really off to me). Yes, I'm really excited about that fact because Utah has had terrible smoggy disgusting weather lately; so to see anything different was simply amazing. But with those blue skies, meant that it didn't trap the heat in our valley whatsoever. The wind was blowing so hard that I almost got in a car accident. At first I thought I had a flat tire because it didn't look like anything was blowing outside; nope, just the wind. It was definitely frightening but I was like oh well. Not oh well. After finally finding a stupid parking spot on campus I got out of my car. BIG MISTAKE. I was blown right into my car; literally fell over. It felt as if a thousand needles were piercing my skin. Amusing that I sadly thought of Titanic when that happened because Leonardo DiCaprio says, "...it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your body. You can't breathe. You can't think. At least, not about anything but the pain." Not exaggerating - that's exactly how it felt. I have never felt wind like that before. I had a scarf on and I had to wrap it around my face. Seriously, I almost ran all the way to my class which was far away. All I could do was concentrate on my next step... and then the next step... and the one after that. I finally got into my seminar class for student teaching, and we were saying how bad we felt for homeless people :( to be stuck in that weather would be hell. The weather forecast right now is: 13 degrees F, the wind chill is 6 degrees (do you believe me now when I said it was cold)!

Besides the chilly air today is February 1st!! Woot. I do like February... sometimes. I think I liked it more as a child though. I realized that I haven't ever had a really special Valentines with any guy. How sad is that? But I used to love making Valentine boxes and handing them out to friends; always looked forward to that. I think sometimes Valentine's Day is stupid because you should have just one day where you really cherish the person you love... that should be daily in my eyes. But maybe I'm just a bitter hag because I don't have anyone - so don't listen to me ;) I hope you all have special days. Me, well I think me and my cousins, who are also single, are going to watch movies... maybe horror ones haha, and drink wine and eat chocolate. Sounds fantastic to me!

But I am a sap because I am a hopeless romantic. Always have been. Always will be. And I love that about me. I love the romantic movies - absolutely adore them. Sometimes they make people sad because they don't have that, for me, well I feel hope. I know that one day I'll have that kind of love. I already do. I know he's there; just haven't met him quite yet ;)
I also love the pictures of hearts:

And of course, this picture:

Have a great night everyone!! I'm going to stay snuggled up, light a fire, drink hot cocoa and relax... even if I have math homework. Ha!



  1. I have never experienced weather that cole...but can only imagine how miserable it is! Stay warm my dear!

    I am like you...I find V-day to be a little, well, stupid. Honestly, I think people need to share their love and feelings with one another daily. How about a surprise note or flowers on some randon day? That is just way more fun in my opinnion.