Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Days and Double Features

Today is a very, very rainy day here in the SLC. But honestly, I love the rain!! I always have. So much better than the snow ;) It's so refreshing and I love the sound of rain; rainstorms are definitely my favorite though. That's why if I move to Oregon, I won't even mind all the rain. I'll take it for having beautiful green surrounding me; risk I'm more than willing to take!
Yesterday I had so much fun with my bestie!! We were such dorks and went to two movies in one day; can I hear a double feature!!! First we went to I Am Number Four. I loved it. And I'm not just saying that because Alex Pettyfer is the main star... well maybe slightly. I did like it though and I loved that the girl from Glee is in it too! They are dating in real life and I'm very jealous. We then went to Bonsai: a really yummy Japanese Restaurant and the chef's cook right in front of you flinging knives around and throwing food in your mouth; so exciting and they are so talented!! I would light someones hair on fire for sure! Sadly I didn't take any pictures at the restaurant, but I took a bunch at the movie theater. Anyways, we went to Mary's house after dinner and watched our Oregon video that we made back in August. It brought back my appeal and love for Oregon and reminded me that Oregon is my goal - and it will happen. In the beginning Mary was totally for moving with me, but then things happened and she said it wasn't in her future... but after watching that video, she really told me she is considering it a lot again. I won't get my hopes up way too high, but I definitely hope for the best. Moving with her would be a thrill of a lifetime; something that we would share with our kids later on in life. I can just picture us in our twenties in a little starter cottage and trying to make a living with our jobs and writing (something we are both deeply passionate about). Every time I think of this it gives me butterflies - it's something I want so bad!! I had a post about when we went to Oregon in August and posted pictures, but I'm going to re-post a lot; makes me smile. Anyways, back to last night; after we watched our Oregon video, we started watching Glee season 1 (we haven't finished it yet). Then we decided to go see No Strings Attached; I've already seen it, but Mary hadn't. I was definitely willing to see Ashton Kutcher again :) Besides, I loved that movie! Even though it makes me wish I had a guy sooo badly. Here are the lovely pictures from the night: please keep in mind I was very tired.. haha and so white! I wish I was tan!!! But we do have a deep love for Alex Pettyfer oh yes, we do. Mary would kill me if she knew I posted that last picture... hahaha! It's just so funny wow. Luckily she hardly goes on her blogger, but she is such a good writer!! I actually envy her a lot. After the double feature we went back to her house and watched Glee till 4 am; I really think we had gone crazy by that point... 4 am... really? Yes, really. I love Glee. I love the characters. I love the music. Everything!!

Tonight I'm supposed to have a Vampire Diaries marathon at my sorority, but part of me is way tired of watching show after show. I think I have to go though... because it was after all, my idea. We'll see. I have a huge math test on Wednesday and I don't feel prepared at all; I really need to get some studying in. And Tuesday and Thursday I do my team teach which I'm beyond nervous for... so I really can't just have pure fun this weekend, I need to get to work!!

But... for now, I think I'm going to read. There is just something about a rainy day that makes me want to curl up, drink coffee or hot cocoa, and read or write actually; depends what type of mood I'm currently in. Right now I'm in a reading mood. I'm always suggesting books to Mary - like so many, and she's always such a good sport reading them. Most of the time she absolutely loves my suggestions such as: Black Dagger Brotherhood and The Mortal Instruments. This time she is suggesting something to me:
The Hunger Games.

I have heard so much about this series and how amazing it is, so I'm really excited to give it a shot. Mary knows that this type of books isn't something I usually read - not my genre. But isn't that the point of being a successful writer? You have to read and open yourself to everything!! That way it shows you other types of writing and more possibilities. I'm only on the four chapter, and it did at first take some time, but I'm getting more into it. I love how Katniss is such a bad-ass and it's a strong female role!! That always makes me smile. Have you all read this book? If so, what did you think?

Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing long weekend!!! Take care.


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  1. Cute pics! :)
    No Strings Attached was adorable. I have a HUGE crush on Ashton! (along with every other girl on the planet earth lol)