Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday is the New Friday

Can I just say how much I love Thursdays? Because I do. I don't have school on Friday, so pretty much today is the new Friday. I have student teaching... then I am done. I usually go to my sorority and watch Vampire diaries with the girls. Which is without a doubt my favorite part about Thursdays. Yes, I'm obsessed... we know this - but I am!!
Today I'm going to try and go see my step-mom who just had surgery. She had this tumor, not cancerous, on her uterus :( So she had to get a hysterectomy. Yikes. Being a woman is definitely not fun sometimes. The surgery went well and she's doing good; which makes me beyond happy. I was really worried when my dad said she had a tumor. I was about to literally run off the road when I was driving. About a year ago, my dad had prostate cancer. But they caught it early on and took care of it. He's fine now, but I won't forget that feeling. I seriously dropped to the floor when my mom told me. My father had wanted to shelter me by not telling me because he knew the stress I was already enduring with my step-dad's disease. I told my dad to never do that again. He is my father and I had a right to know just like everyone else. I don't want to be sheltered. I want the truth. Anyways, other than that, everything is peachy keen.

So in my stupid math class, which is the hardest class I have taken in college and I need a tutor ASAP, some of us weird fun girls created a group called Mathletes hahaha. We take pictures in class and basically create a ruckus. Here are some pictures my friend Kelly took:

Our teacher is crazy. I mean straight up LOCO! She is like obsessed with math on a really creepy level. Last night she wouldn't let us leave until we finished this math problem which made me mad. I'm slower when it comes to math, and that's okay, that's me, but she didn't have to use that against students. When I asked her for help she looked at my paper and went, "No, no no! That's not what I said to do." I was like, "Um, you didn't even explain what to do? I'm so confused." Then she apologized. Wench. Anyways, we made that group on Facebook and add pictures and help each other actually. So it isn't just to make fun of the class.... ha.

I love my last post. I look at all those pictures a lot during the day, they really make me happy, especially the Dumbledore quote :) Just another of the many reasons I love Harry Potter!! I cannot wait for the second half of the movie to come out! Eek. I need to re-read those books again; haven't in a while. But because I love those random little pictures and sayings so much, I think I'm going to put at least two on every post from now on :)

Well, I need to go get ready to student teach! Happy Thursday everyone.



  1. im glad your step-mom and dad are going to be okay. you dont need anymore bad news jess! have a good weekend lady! xoxo jcd

  2. who could be obsessed with math? that is crazy!

  3. Glad you step mom is doing okay- how scary!

    I am watching VD right now- LOVE!

  4. I love how we both wrote about how much we love Thursdays. Haha. Separated at birth?