Thursday, February 17, 2011

What A Week

Wow. What. A. Stressful. Week. This week definitely had it's ups and downs! Sad I haven't written since Monday - I hate not writing every single day, but honestly I haven't had the time! Yesterday I realized at about 8:00 pm, that I hadn't eaten all day! Crazy... I know. I just cannot wait to be done with school. I know the real world is beyond stressful, but I'm ready for that change! I'm in a rut being in school still, especially math 4020; it's kicking my butt!!! Student teaching is really fun, but also stressful, mostly because the next couple of weeks I'm doing team teaching and solo teaching (which I am really nervous for). I'm lucky to have such great girls as the other student teachers; we really help one another a lot and I really appreciate that. We want each other to succeed instead of getting ahead of one another. Our main teacher is nice, but a little neurotic; I'm talking OCD like. The same chairs have to go with each other, markers need to be turned a certain way, we have to watch practically everything we say in that class so we aren't forcing the children to do anything. I know it's stressful, but I have to keep thinking that it's really going to help mold my future. It will prepare me you could say, and I'm thankful for that, tired endlessly, but thankful.

Excited to watch Vampire Diaries tonight (I know I mention it like no other, but come on, have you seen Damon Salvatore?) which I'm really stoked about!! I was going to go to Pi Phi to watch it with my girls, but I am beyond tired and have some homework to finish up tonight. Every time I watch this show I am amazed. Usually by the second season, certain shows start dwindling and the plot becomes ridiculous: not with VD. It keeps building and building and I feel like the season finale (which airs on my birthday May 12!) will blow up my television screen. Every character is so beautiful too!! Seriously, I wonder when people are auditioning if they don't let some people because they don't meet the "look" which I'm sure they do. Jeremy and Bonnie finally kissed last episode... but who cares; I'm all about Damon and Elena. I mean come on, they have so much chemistry with one another it's ridiculous. LET THEM BE TOGETHER!!

Tomorrow I'm really excited because I'm going with my bestie Mary to I Am Number Four with the hottie Alex Pettyfer. Not going to lie, I'm mainly seeing it because of him; even though I know I'll be thinking of him as Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments series) the entire movie. He hasn't agreed to do the role yet, but part of me still feels like he will...I hope. Also, speaking of Mortal Instruments, I found out recently that Ed Westwick (another British sex-bot) is going to be doing the voice of Jace and mostly all the other guys for the book on tape - the next book coming out City of Fallen Angels. Umm... I usually don't buy audio books, but I definitely will to hear Ed. I heard he isn't going to be having his amazing accent, but that's okay, his sultry voice will have my head spinning. I love him on Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass - always have, always will even if I think the show is going down hill... which it is. I feel like there is so much candy and cookies in my house from Valentine's Day, which by the way my mom gave me these cookies:
They are called "Cookies by Design," and they are extraordinary!! I'm seriously obsessed with them. I keep trying not to eat them and save it, but it's really hard. The pink one with the swirl in the front is gone... long gone haha. I bet the calories are off the roof, but I don't really care - even though I should ;)

I need to get back into my habit of working out. I feel like because I'm so stressed, whenever I have a free second, I don't want to do anything at all. Exercising does make you feel better, so I know I should. My mind is saying yes do it! My body is telling me to can it and that it wants to just lie there. I sadly agree with my body. But I need to change that, and I will!! Getting into shape is my New Years Resolution actually, so I need to stick by that. I really want a dog. I know it's weird, but I would love a dog so I could walk it!!! I think it would be so fun - and a good work out as well!
My mom snuck a picture of me when I was doing my homework... I look grumpy and weird, but I like my glasses :) That's what they look like on my face, what do you think?: I think I'm already looking very teacher-like ;) So I guess that fits the bill. They help for reading a lot and writing, which is incredibly beneficial. I miss writing; I haven't continued my novel in a while and my fans on fan fiction I swear hate me because I haven't uploaded in forever. Yikes!!! I really need to get on the ball.

I really thought Spring was just around the corner... but I was wrong. My allergies have been terrible, I mean TERRIBLE. I cannot breathe at all now and my sinuses are so stuffy I feel like I have a really bad cold. But it was a preview of what's to come with the pollen gets worse. Last night however, we had a freak snow storm; really bad. I had to drive about 20 miles an hour on the freeway because the snow in my headlights were making me so dizzy!! I am not a fan of snow anymore. It's fine for December and January... some of February I guess, but no more! STOP.

Anyways my show is almost on... so this post won't be as long... but I'll share another favorite picture. Have a great rest of your day!!



  1. No more stress! Here, check out my last post and be happy. :)

  2. Why does school have to make our lives crazy busy insane?? I love it though as I am sure you do as well. I agree with you I am ready for a change, meaning the real world, but am also nervous about it!!

    I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!

  3. Haha. You're enthusiasm about the Vampire Diaries is making me want to check it out! The guy in the middle, on the right looks like they guy who played edward in Vampires Suck, doesn't he?!? At least in that photo.. I think.

    Cuuuuute glasses! I think they look great on you. Glasses can be such a fun & functional accessory, no? (:

    I'm thinking about reading The Number Four before watching the movie... idk though... might as well just watch it ^_^ Hope you enjoy your time spent with the bestie.

    Happy weekend, Jess! It's almost here ^_^

  4. im sorry youre had a stressful week lady! i hope your weekend is better and you have time to relax :) xoxo jcd

  5. Cool pics--i love the design of your blog. Wow Chuck Bass def looks better outside of gossip girl!

    P.s.--Stay in school forever! I hate the real world! lol (just kidding--good luck with school-dont let it stress you out!)

  6. I am glad to have found your blog via 20SB! You have so much to say, and you have a lot of followers... which tells me, you are very likable :)
    So cool that you want to move to Oregon! because that lovely state is the one in which I live in. IT'S AMAZING! do you have friends? family? here?
    Anyway, be encouraged, I have a feeling that the rest of your life is going to be fantastic. Just a hunch...

  7. Sorry things are so stressful for you, love but girl- YOU GOTS TO EAT! Seriously, keep yourself healthy, please!

    VD ROCKS MY SOCKS! I am more of a Tyler fan than a Damon fan...he is flawless!