Friday, February 4, 2011


So I went to Pi Phi last night and watched Vampire Diaries with my girls. I like this tradition we started to watch it every Thurday together. Makes me feel young again, especially when I go and hang out with the youngsters that I love so much. Last night's episode was good, and by good I mean yummy. Damon/Ian looked so sexy. They started it off with him in the shower and ended with him in the bath. THANK YOU! Damon and Elena need to get together already... they have so much chemistry it's killing me!! Elena looked so pretty in the episode too: I love her hair in a ponytail!! Makes me miss long hair... a lot!
We also watched Never Back Down. Um, hello yummy boys. It really was a night of good looking men. First you have Cam Gigandet:Need I say more? He has such an amazing body and he's so good at being bad! Geeze. And then there is Sean Faris who is beautiful. I love the dark features... I really, really do. He was in a few episodes of Vampire Diaries during season one, and the Lost Valentine that was on the other night.
This week was a real busy one and it's only going to get more intense. I need to learn to take each day as it comes, instead of stressing out; but it's really hard to do that. I miss having time to write. I know it seems trivial, but it's so true. Writing on my blog, writing in my journal, and more importantly working on my novel. I feel like I don't have time to do what I want! And that's irritating. My mom always says, "Not enough hours in the day," now I truly understand and agree with that statement. It's true. Being this busy you can't really afford to waste a minute - but I miss relaxing!! Boo. I keep looking at my goal to get this semester over with and to learn a lot. I can do it!!

I got sad the other day, and don't make fun of me, but it's true. I looked and realized that people don't really comment on my blog anymore. I got one post on my last one :( And I love ever single comment, they make me so happy. That's the reason I got down. Maybe people are sick of hearing my random rants and raves, or they have just moved on from this blog. Then I realized, what am I thinking? I love you all, but this is my blog and I'm doing this for myself. I cannot wait to look down the road at this blog and read about my everyday life events; even if those events aren't that important. It's my life and I like documenting it. But someone I do miss talking with is my blog bestie Rachel - we used to talk more and I know that life catches up with you and takes up a lot of your time, but I miss her!

Anyways, enough with that soap opera! I'm really excited for this weekend. Tonight I want to be a bum and relax, watch movies, play Nintendo hehe, make my vision board, etc. Saturday I'm going out for my friend's 21st birthday and possibly a frat party - which I haven't gone to in sooo long. And then Sunday of course is the Superbowl which I love!! I'm going to my friend Chaus' party and maybe stop by my dad's house. Last year my dad had a huge party with a mini keg! It was pretty darn cool oh and yummy with all that food.

Have a good weekend and tell me what you are doing for the Superbowl! I love hearing everyone's plans :)



  1. hhaha omg. you and your vampires. hilarious! but yeah..ill admit he is hot. have a great weekend doll! xoxo jcd