Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Days!!

Wahoo!! Only two days till I go to my favorite place in the world... OREGON :) Yes, it is one of my favorite places (not counting Europe). I am in desperate need of this trip, you have no idea!! The next two days I feel like are going to drag so much. And then getting there will drag also because we will be driving - 16 hours wahoo haha. Oh boy. We needed a car so we could check out the town of Eugene more and houses. I really hope I like Eugene, wish so badly I could move to Florence, but it's not big enough to start a life there. That's more of like retirement! Ha. If we don't like Eugene, then I want to keep looking. I like Astoria too, but it never ever gets warm there and at least Eugene is somewhat like Utah when having four seasons (something I actually like about Utah).

So Saturday was pretty fun; I went over to Mary's to make a "vision board" - we are mostly making one of Oregon so it will be our future! Then we watched some movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Role Models. These movies seriously are hilarious!! We became addicted to Goldfish and I bought a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies! I love all the cookies, I really do. I used to be a Girl Scout so cookies were a part of my life growing up, but then I stopped being one, and Girl Scouts never came to my house... so no cookies :( So this is the first time in a long time that I have them again!! I'm like savouring them haha.
I left Mary's house and went out for my friend Kelsey's 23rd birthday. We went to a yummy Mexican restaurant and I was happy to spend time with my old friend Jenna (on the right) and my lovely cousin Nicole (on the left). I love these girls!! I look like Casper the Ghost though... so white and pale! Ugh. I guess I'll fit in in Oregon ;)
After we went to a bar which is two doors down from the Mexican Restaurant, and it's called A Bar Named Sue. I wasn't drinking, so I didn't want to stay very long. So I went back to Mary's ha (we are inseparable - it's sad). We watched Glee and then we get into our deep conversations. I don't even know how it happens, but when it does we cannot stop.

We ended up talking about how much we loved growing up in the 90's and that their TV shows and Disney movies were ten times better back then. These were a few of our favorite things from the 90's that came up - see if you recognize them:
So as you can see, the 90's had a huge impact on us!! We also saw the super-sized moon. I took the picture below - pretty amazing right?
Okay, just kidding... I didn't really take that picture, but the moon was pretty big and really, really bright! It was awesome. Heard it won't be like that again till 2029 - CRAZY!
Well I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, because I sure did. Have a great week!! And I'll definitely post pictures from my Oregon trip. xo.


  1. i remember everything!! i LOVE reminiscing about things from childhood {so yeah, things from the 90s haha} and i love seeing what other people remember.

    did you ever watch the show dinosaurs? or maybe little dinosaurs?? it was on abc family i think or nick at night and it was a family of plastic dinosaurs. that was a really good one.

    ever watch growing pains?? haha boy meets world definitely reminds me of growing pains.... loooved that show

    i still love the disney movies {especially the lion king} and can't wait to show them to my daughter when she's old enough.

    as for tamagotchis and furbees.... never the "cool kid" who got their parents to be them one... although my sister had them {?} haha maybe she saved her allowance

    thanks for sharing! love your blog!! it's darling :)

  2. You're coming to my state, Oregon?!?! I hope you find what you're looking for. I had a friend almost move to Astoria. I've heard it's a lovely little town.

    Too bad you aren't visiting Portland. I'd show you my favorite area of town (with my favorite place for tea) or take you to my favorite restaurant ;)

    Have fun, Jess!!

  3. Seriously today's kids have NO clue how deprived they are!! I was a Girl Scout as well and died when I saw all of the cookies that my co-workers had ordered. Samoas and Tag-a-longs were always my favorites! Thin Mints as well, but they had to be frozen.