Friday, March 11, 2011

The Day After Tomorrow

My heart breaks for the people of Japan. This tragedy is beyond horrible and frightening. Earthquakes scare me so bad, especially because for years now they have said a big one is supposed to hit Utah. I always feel little tremors and I'm hoping that let's out steam for the big one. With earthquakes, you cannot predict them and that's what makes them so terrifying to me.
I was watching the Day After Tomorrow movie the other night, and the whole reality of it scares me beyond belief. I just feel like something like this could possibly happen - our Earth has probably had enough and you never know! I just hope the people who died in Japan didn't suffer... and I hope they are receiving as much help as they can during this horrible time. I can't help but feel bad that I cannot do more to help; while I'm sitting in my nice warm room, with hot tea, and my laptop, they are struggling to live. Just feel guilty. God be with them.

On another note, sucks I've been really sick lately. I think I have a sinus infection. Up until now I just kept saying it was really bad allergies... but it got to the point where it was so bad the other day that it felt like my head was going to explode from the pressure. My eye is actually swollen and black and blue - which is pretty scary! No idea why that happened. Luckily, I'm starting antibiotics today, so hopefully I start feeling better.

This week has been rough: I taught this week and thought I did such an amazing job... but the head teacher ripped me apart. Kept saying that "wasn't me" and she doesn't know why I taught the way I did that day. I just don't understand what she wants. It's so frustrating. I was so upset I cam home and cried but my mom said, "Jess, they aren't going to pat you on the back for every good thing you do; it's their job to tell you what you need to work on so you can grow into a fabulous teacher." Of course she's right, but that doesn't make the criticism any easier, especially when you stay up half the night putting all this work into your lesson.

I'm just so thankful it's the weekend - even if I have to stay in because I'm sick... it's worth it because well... it's the weekend :) I really want to see Red Riding Hood! I always liked that story growing up for some reason, and I just think it looks good.

I'm mainly excited about the love story between these two because Shiloh is extremely sexy!! I haven't decided if I like Amanda or not. Some roles I really do... and others, well she kind of annoys me. So we'll see how she portrays her character as little Red Riding Hood!

Does anyone watch Glee? I'm obsessed. At first I was like, eh like the music not really the show... not anymore. I'm obsessed with BOTH! The music is incredible and I love the characters. But recently I have fallen head over heels for one of them - take a peek:

That's right... none other than Blaine aka Darren Criss. He's so sexy. I'm in love with that curly hair, even though it's not curly on the show. His voice is seriously so, I don't know, sultry? Something along those lines. I loved how he sang Teenage Dream, but I really saw how sexy he was in the episode "Sexy" when he sang Animal. He was also really hot in Blame It On the Alcohol. I like that this actor is really confident, especially playing a gay teen when he's straight. I just have a lot of respect for that. And even though I want him in real life and he'll soon be my boyfriend... I love him and Kurt! Mostly because I love Kurt! I really hope they end up together :)

So funny story... well mostly creepy, my blah ex moved to Hawaii for a while, but he came back home. He already wouldn't stop bothering me. The phone calls at 3 am, the texts - I was thinking "You've got to be kidding me." This kid is crazy, like seriously. When we broke it up he kept saying how in love he was with me and would freak out if I spoke to another guy! It was scary honestly. He had anger issues too no doubt. I knew he liked to rap... weird... but I saw yesterday that he put this rap about ME on facebook. It was saying how in love he was with me blah blah blah and then he said some vulgar things that were inappropriate. He said my name in it so I thought it was out of line. If it didn't involve my name in the title and the song (my whole name mind you) then that would be a different story. But he kept saying personal things and all over the internet isn't okay with me. I asked him to remove it, after a lot of debate because I didn't want to talk to him, and he refused! He said "No way... it is showing how I feel and expressing music. Sorry if you don't like it." I kept yelling at him and he finally took it off. Then wanted to talk more and I said see ya! Seriously though ewe. I was livid last night. Of course I have crazy exes. I am good friend with a few of my exes, but he wins the award for the most psycho. I just need to meet a normal guy for once in my life!!!

Anyways, I hope everyone has a fabulous, fun-filled weekend!! Take care.


  1. Blaine is oober yummers, but I have (and will always) loved Finn, he's an idiot, but I like his little belly and hidden geek (did you see in the episode when they were all in the underwear that he was in a power rangers shirt? *swoon*).

  2. wow so much to comment on in this post! lol
    I feel horrible for Japan also :/ I always complain how busy and stressed I am, but so many people are going through sooo much harder stuff right now!
    My roommate is a teacher so I know she has gotten critism that has made her upset before. But I think it has helped her.
    OMG crazy ex alert! How dare he put a song up online about you. I'd be furious and demand he take it down also.
    I love GLEE! Brittany is my fave character, Mr. Sho is my fave guy :)

  3. oh my gosh ! thats so horrible and tragic, i know ! we have been hearing that there is supposed to be a huge one in utah and it scares me soo bad!! i dont think ill know what to do when that situation comes!

    on another note, HE is on Glee!!! and he is SO FREAKIN HOT oh my gosh im in love!!

  4. Hey Jess! I'm so glad you posted about Japan. What a tragic event. It's these situations where you want to help but don't know how that make you feel useless.. at least for me, that's how it is :(

    Red Riding Hood, yes, I totally want to see it too!

    I didn't watch Glee this week, but that boy is def. cute. I'm a fan of the blonde guy too. So cute ^_^

  5. I feel the same way about Japan- so sad. I really wish things like that didnt have to happen but all we can do is pray and send help when we can... Thats all I can say, ha!

  6. I completely feel the same way about Japan, just watching the footage made me feel like it was a movie. I couldn't even believe it was real life and real people were going through that tragedy. I also can't wait to that movie either! And I'm OBSESSED with Glee!! The moment I found out he was straight in real life I literally freaked out. I totally agree he was so sexy while singing Animal but I was super jealous of Rachel when they sang Don't You Want Me-I LOVED that episode. And your ex sounds crazy, I had a crazy ex who put up statuses about me like your guys rap; it's absolutely ridiculous and immature!! He finally gave up so I know your day will come! haha

  7. I just hope tomorrow will come. REally sad what has happen at Japan. Red riding hood is story when I was kid (animated). doesn't got any chance to enjoy that movie.