Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day By Day

First and foremost, I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind thoughts and comments on my last blog post. It's people like you that truly make a difference in the world and in someones life - never forget that. Thanks again :)

Yesterday was overall a good day. The morning was rough... really rough (regarding my step-father, but not getting into that again). He is fine, but we didn't think so at first. Anyways, I went to student teaching and it was barely raining... um yea. After student teaching it looked like this:
I'm not a fan of this snow at all. Yes, I love it during Christmas and into January. But it's March now so STOP IT! It was seriously a blizzard and driving home last night was terrifying. I got stuck on one part of my neighborhood and almost gave up before finally getting so impatient that I slammed on the gas and moved up the hill. UGH! It's just so cold - I love rain, and I can deal with it because it makes everything beautiful and green (my love for Oregon is coming out), but snow is not my friend.
Speaking of Oregon though, my spring break trip is pretty much planned. I'm going to Eugene Oregon the 23rd-27th with my best friend Mary. I seriously cannot wait to go and check out potential places to live and get a feel for the surroundings. We are taking a day and going back to our favorite place: Florence. The Oregon Coast is probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Seriously. The picture below is of me when we were in Florence last time... aw in heaven. 15 more days (yes I have a countdown)!

Yesterday night was fun, because sadly I skipped math... I know bad habit - but I've been very good about going every other time!! Instead I went to my sorority Pi Phi and had dinner and went to meeting which I haven't been able to do since the beginning of the semester. It was really fun seeing everyone again, because even though I go watch Vampire Diaries on Thursdays, I don't see half of these girls. We had our Spring Philanthropy yesterday and so many people came. One of the frats was a DJ and I swear it turned into a party (without alcohol). We had a lot of wings: spicy, buffalo, BBQ, so you know the boys were lining up to come inside; blizzard? Who cares. Here are some pictures of me with a few of the girls:

It's so funny to me though, I'm a senior now and I feel so old when coming around. All the girls are so young and same with the guys. Boys kept hitting on me and I swear I could babysit them I'm that old. Oh well, flirting is always a good time.

Well now I'm off for my solo teaching day #2. Kind of nervous. My teacher is a real stickler and it's hard to impress her. We are talking about the Plant Life Cycle and I'm going to talk about the beginning stages which is seeds. I brought fruit and vegetables that I will cut apart to let them see the seeds were the start of this product. I also have beans for them to take apart to look at the seed coat as well as the inside of the seed. I think overall it's going to go over great (positive thinking).

Have a great day!

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