Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break 2011

So if I had to describe my Spring Break 2011 in Oregon... I would say it was life-altering & epic. My future was set in stone on this trip and I couldn't be happier (even though I'm really sad to be back in Utah). Mary and I went to Eugene Oregon, and I did really like Eugene and it was a fun town because of the college and the students (even though most of them were gone for their own spring break). However, last time I went to Oregon I went to Florence and fell in love with it. I loved having the ocean and that beautiful almost to die for coast as well as all the green and the trees, but the town of Florence is too small to get a really good job right out of college and start a future for myself, so I was settling on most likely Eugene. So long story short, I didn't feel that connection at all in Eugene. It was a great place, but not for me. I would honestly rather stay in Utah than move to Eugene. It wasn't what I was looking for in the slightest and you want to know why? Because I felt like I was almost still in Salt Lake City just with more hippies - who I loved by the way!! I realized what I want is so very different; I need a change and that is the whole entire point of moving.
Here is where the "life-altering/epic" trip really begins... so we go visit Florence, and it felt like we were back home, but yes, still way too small. We were driving on the coast and my heart was pounding the entire time, I cannot explain it but I felt like something big was coming. Looking out at this coast truly changes you; it isn't like anything I've ever seen before and I've been to some beautiful places in my life. I love how the green cascades onto the beach and how one second you have all the sand and stones, and the next you are driving through the forest again. Pictures and videos will never be able to capture what I saw and felt as we drove along the coast, actually at all on the trip for that matter. We decided to keep going and I remembered a Pi Phi who is a very good friend, told me about Newport Oregon. I had seen pictures and what not, but really never gave it another thought because of Eugene. So I told Mary that my friend said Newport was her favorite place in Oregon as well as Portland - and let me tell you, if I was going to move to a city, it would be Portland hands down, but that's also not what I want right now in my life. Anyways, we decided to just go to Newport because it was only a couple hours away (4 to be exact) - but it was a road trip, so why the hell not?! The moment we got into Newport I felt that feeling, the one I received when first entering Florence and that excited me even though I hadn't seen anything interesting yet. We drove down to Nye Beach and saw all these adorable shops and restaurants... and then I saw the beach. Breathtaking. And the amusing thing is that Eugene had been raining all day long, and when we arrived to Newport, it was sunny, cold but sunny. I got out of the car and was amazed of how beautiful it was. We kept driving around and eventually went to the bay area where all the boats were. I'll never forget this, but we drove around the corner and I literally died. I told her to stop the car, but she was already on the same page as me. We jumped out and saw the huge bridge which is called Yaquina Bay Bridge. There were so many boats and when I saw the ocean again with the sun hitting it just right, I knew I was home. This place was what I have been waiting for. I felt complete to be honest and happy. If that wasn't a perfect moment in itself, we went to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and it was amazing. I realized the last time going to Oregon that I'm obsessed with lighthouses. I think they are so awesome because there is so much history behind them. But then we walked down the little stairs onto the beach. That was the best moment I have had in two, almost three years. We sat on a log and no one was around - it was like our own personal beach. There were rocks everywhere in the water, which made it even more breathtaking. The waves were so close and so huge that I was mesmerized to the point of silence. I sat there not talking, just feeling the wind and smelling the sea and I felt happy. I haven't felt this type of happiness for years and I started to cry because of that type of joy. I remembered what it was like to feel w hole again, to feel like I had a future and a purpose in life. I feel like in Utah and the past few years, I am on auto-pilot just getting from one moment to the next, but sitting there absorbing what I was seeing, I let it shake me to my core. I let that bliss overflow through my body and all I could do was cry and smile. I looked over at Mary and I knew that she felt the same things I was. We were home.

So it has been decided that we are going to move to Newport Oregon. It isn't huge, but it isn't that small either. I will definitely have extremely big changes, things that are so different from the way I live now, but that's alright. That's what I want and need at this point in my life. I know that I eventually will want bigger things, but for now I want to live the rest of my 20's doing something life-altering different. I want that small town feel and I like that they only have 10,240 (that was in 2006). That's not too small but not too big either. They have a lot of private and public schools I can teach at, community college Mary can finish her education at and they have a lot of marine biology jobs there, which is something Mary is also really interested in. I have also explained how much I love writing; my goal is to write a novel and I finally started one. But the bad news is I haven't been able to work on it in so long. I feel like life catches up with you and I honest to God have no free time anymore. But I can close my eyes and picture my little cottage type house overlooking the ocean and being able to write, write and write some more until I finish my book. You could even start your own business in the little town and get something big and exciting going. No they don't have malls or practically any chain food restaurants (which does kind of suck), but Corvallis isn't very far away, and Eugene is about 4 hours away. You could take the weekend and go do that type of stuff and eat out. But this could be my chance at getting really good at cooking as well! I wish the weather was warmer, especially in the summers, but I can always go back to Utah where it's in the 100's. I would rather wake up daily to see the sights I saw on this vacation. Plus, it was rather nice every time we went to Newport (which was 2 of the days).

I just need a different type of life and I feel like this is a charming place to create that. The atmosphere is so friendly (which is their town motto) and tranquil. We even found the most perfect house ever - my ideal house... but way too much money, oh well that could be after I sell a best-time seller :) I can see my family visiting me all the time, because what's not to love about the beach? It isn't California and I won't get tan by laying out on this beach, but I can meet tourists (hot guys), and still do a lot of water activities. Also, so many people were flying kites, which is something I love to do and dogs with their owners were playing on the beach. Mary and I have talked about getting a dog when we move as well, and I can just imagine taking him on the beach and playing with him. This is just something I want so bad - and it will happen... no doubt in my mind actually. So that's why this trip was life-altering and epic. We went to find a life there, and we accomplished that goal. We fell in love with Oregon last trip, now we found home.

Here are pictures from my trip:

So that was my amazing trip. I hope you enjoyed the pictures - I know I do!! Take care. xo


  1. I love Newport! Really, I just love Oregon in general and am happy you do too. So nice to feel like you really belong somewhere!

  2. You know I'll be one of the first to visit you :) I can show you Portland...oh what fond memories...not really but overall, I think Oregon is an awfully pretty state. Rainy, yes. No California weather. But peaceful and a change of pace, especially living in a small town. That's something I definitely miss about living in New Jersey.

  3. Yay! I love that you love Newport. It's one of my favorite places in Oregon too (:

    The coastline is beautiful. The town is great. People are nice. Oh man, Jess, when you move here, I'll totally come visit you!!! Love the feel of sand in my toes <3

    Excited for all that your future holds! It's going to be amazing, I can just feel it :D

  4. p.s. I really like your layout (:

  5. o wow! LOVE these photos!! looks like you had a wonderful time :) h is obsessed with the idea of moving to portland...who knows?! :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams