Friday, April 8, 2011

Give Me A Break

Seriously. Give. Me. A. Break. I heard bad things come in three's... and to be honest I think it's true, yet now I've hit number 4. I practically failed my math test. Oh boy. Doesn't look good. I'm trying to stay positive, but I think I have to re-take the class. I think all along I knew I'd have to sadly. The one good thing about it, is it's in summer and it's with a teacher I like. So I could definitely get a better grade... just sucks to have to take it again. I guess this class in my major is one of the most common ones that people have to retake, which I feel is saying something. Not just about how hard it is, but about the teachers as well. My teacher now sucks so badly!! She is such a harsh grader too. It's like, come on lady... throw me a damn bone! Sorry but mad. I like couldn't stop crying yesterday, I felt that defeated. Then I stopped, wiped my eyes, and got mad. I am furious that I have to keep doing through this. I want to be done with school. But then during student teaching my friend told me that if you don't want to get licensed right away, you don't even have to take Math 4020... um... I hope that's the case. And even if it is, which I pray to God, then why did no one tell me?? I could have saved myself a bad grade. Eventually I want to get licensed, but I would have to take this math again anyways; I'd rather put it off at this point. I emailed my counselor so we'll see what she says. Anyway... Spring is here... right? Well I'm not sure. Right now I'm looking out my bedroom window and guess what I see? No not beautiful flowers, snow. That's right. It's snowing so hard right now! All the skiers are thrilled, me? Not so much. This is when Utah weather is really annoying. One day is beautiful, sunny and warm... the next day is a blizzard. Oh boy. The snowflakes are really pretty but it's April, so it needs to go away mmmk thanks. Here is what I want to see:

Aren't those things that pop out of the ground beautiful??? Yea, I think so too! Well I hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'm excited because I have my last sorority dance ever tomorrow night :) I am wearing a cute little black dress, snow or not!! Excited.



  1. Hopefully you will ace it the 2nd time around! I want spring so bad too! I bought new clothes and have yet to get to wear them

  2. Yea, I haven't even bought clothes yet... psh. I need to but what's the point when all I do is have to wear Ugs and parkas haha.

    I hope I ace it or don't have to take it again :)

  3. I'm sorry about your math test. So frustrating Grrr. Math was always my worst subject. Me and numbers are like me and Chinese.

  4. Woah. I can't get over how beautiful those pics are! Glorious.