Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Getting Older Too

So yesterday was my baby brother's 18th birthday aw. Okay, so he isn't the baby, my brother Justin who turned 16 in March is the baby, but Landon is my little buddy so it's so weird to think he's starting college next year!! Going to the University of Utah like his big sis :) I gave him all college stuff for his birthday!! Special that we can share that with one another. We went to Ruth's Chris (again) for his birthday dinner, and it was absolutely amazing!! Yum. Seriously the way they prepare their steak is like nothing I've seen before. Delicious! That's a picture of him and his girlfriend; adorable couple if I might add. Here are some other pictures of my cute brother back in the day. I love the ones of him and me when we were little. He's always been my little buddy - the sweetest guy in the world.

Happy 18th Birthday Landon :)

It's crazy to watch people get older; I get to do it every single day teaching. My students are adorable. Here is a picture of some of the boys playing with the Legos. Why do we insist on growing up so fast? Life as a child is way more fun!I've realized in this past year I have honestly gotten so much older as well; I've grown, even when I didn't want to. I think life's experiences does that to a person because it did it to me. I'm always stressed out and having such a hard time lately... but honestly life can still be magical the way it was when you are child. I gain so much from the students, and I'm the one teaching them!! They teach me that the world is so beautiful from their eyes, they get excited over the smallest things, and they laugh... like really laugh!! I realized the other day I don't laugh like I used to, smile like I once did, or even play. I need to take the time and share that with myself. Life is stressful, but it's also wonderful and if you hurry you can miss every experience and the simple things that life has to offer. Maybe that's why I want to move because I might find that spark that's lacking here.

I'm turning 24 in a month and to me that's getting old! I was always so excited about being 24 - thought it would be a monumental age to turn... I just don't want it to be like this year I have had. My 23rd year has been the toughest year to live in ever and I want a clean slate and happiness to follow when I turn 24. Not sure if that will happen or not, but it's almost like I need it to happen or I don't know what will be left of me. Funny that when I was younger, I thought 24 would be the perfect age to get married!! Ha, I'd better find a guy to go on a date with me before I think of marriage. I know now I'm too young for that. It works for some people and I'm so thrilled for them, but I still have some growing up to do myself before I can be married... that's the truth!! I want to be successful and get a wonderful job though. Live on my own (Portland) and get a dog! I know that's weird but I have never had a dog of my own. I have a beagle at my dad's house, but I don't see him very much. I didn't get to grow up with him in the ways I wanted to. So when I move out, I'm getting a dog. And this one is so cute:

It's called a Yorkie-poo :) My good friend Maddy just got a girl and named it Lola. I think they are so adorable, and I usually don't love small dogs... but I love Lola. I want one! But I also love Golden Retriever's - but I know they are a lot of work. I want to get a kitten and a puppy so they can grow up together, once again a lot of work, but oh so worth it!!! We'll see.

Have a wonderful day. xo.


  1. My sister's bday was yesterday and she turned 21! It made me feel old. 24 has been a really hard year for me so far. I think the 20's in general are just about trying to figure out who we are and who we want to be, and who we choose to keep in our lives.
    P.s.-That's really cute that he is going to your alma mater! I couldn't convince my sister to follow in my footsteps haha

  2. Such cute pictures of Landon!! Love it!