Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nose Stuck In A Book

Like my title says... lately all I have been doing lately is reading. No, not studying like I should be, reading. My nose is literally stuck in a book and I keep tuning my mom out when she is speaking to me - whoopsy daisy! I can't help it, once I start a book I'm really into, there is no turning back... seriously, I think I have a problem. The Black Dagger Brotherhood - Lover Unleashed came out last Tuesday (my favorite book series, ever) and then this Tuesday, the next Mortal Instruments book came out City of Fallen Angels. Point of interest though, if anyone watches Gossip Girl and knows Chuck Bass (my old love), he is the voice for the audio book for City of Fallen Angels... and his accent comes through a lot... so sexy. These authors are so amazing and I strive to be like them, I really do. I cannot wait for when I have free time so I can start writing once more. Until then, I need to try and attempt to pass my math test I have tonight (blah). Is it sad I just kind of don't even care anymore? Yes, the answer is yes. I am so burnt out with school right now that I don't care if I do well on this test... yet my grade depends on it. I just figure if I have to retake it, that sucks big time, but I love the teacher and I took Math 4010 from him last semester and got a B+ one of the best grades I have ever gotten in math. My teacher I have now cannot teach and she doesn't care that I'm struggling. She purposely schedule a review yesterday right after I said I couldn't do a certain time... what time did she pick? The one I couldn't go to. She's always docking me points that are so ridiculous and I'm like what the heck is wrong with you? SERIOUSLY. Give me a break. My last teacher gave points for trying... she apparently does not. Sometimes all you need is more practice and I already have to go to summer school anyways (that's when I am truly graduating but walking this Spring). The senioritis is getting rather bad; I've always been burnt out in Spring semester but this is different. Being this close to the end is literally making me pull my hair out!!! Something fun though is that I have my last sorority formal ever this Saturday :) I'm going with a really good friend who I have known for over 5 years now. It will be refreshing to just go with a good friend and spend time with my girls that I feel like I haven't seen in a while. I love my pledge class 07' and I'm happy to spend this last night with them (expect pictures). There are many things to look forward to, so in the meantime I really need to get my nose out of my damn books and apply myself :) But until then... I think I'm just going to stare and swoon at Darren Criss for a little while because I like to put off studying apparently ha! Farewell dear friends enjoy your Wednesday!! xo.

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