Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where I Want To Live Wednesday

So it used to be for me: What I love Wednesday, but I'm spicing it up a bit because I have really cracking down on where I want to move. Yes yes, I know that after Newport I was set in my ways; stupid of me. After Mary and I really looked... we realized Newport is too small. I was beyond disappointed. I fell in love with the coast after that trip and just want to be somewhere with all the trees as well. So after that I really looked into other places to live... outside of Oregon. Scary thought because I was so determined to live in my favorite state, but sometimes you have to look outside the box... and I started looking at the East Coast, which is really looking outside that box of mine!!The only states I've been to on the East Coast have been Florida and New York and both only once. I realized I haven't spent hardly anytime there. Mary used to live in Syracuse and loved the upstate New York. I had only been to NYC and while exciting, it wasn't for me in the slightest. Not a city kind of girl. Or so I thought..

I really love what I have seen with Maine, South Carolina and Rhode Island. They are all so cute and I love the beaches they offer. The Newport in Rhode Island was definitely stealing my heart yesterday but then I thought to myself... this is a big step, even greater than moving to Oregon. The East Coast is so far away from my family, so that makes things really scary. Mary also said that if she were to move to the East Coast, she would move back to New York to be closer to her family. We just weren't agreeing yesterday. So then I got really sad thinking I would go to the East Coast... but alone. I would still love to move to Oregon, but the coast towns are just too small :( However, as I was just doing research for the millionth time yesterday, I came across Lake Oswego in Oregon. It reminded me of why I liked Oregon in the first place: green everywhere, lakes, houses on the lakes, small but definitely not too small, etc. I also a long time ago posted this dream house of mine that was located somewhere in Oregon but I wasn't sure where... well I figured out that house, that same exact house, is located in Lake Oswego. It was kind of a sign. I really wanted to live somewhere on the coast, but the coast is a few hours away and it's cool just to have a coast in the state you live in. Utah doesn't have that... just beautiful mountains which I am grateful for even though I'm extremely sick of this state. The other really cool thing about Lake Oswego is that 9 miles away is Portland. Now I love Portland, it would be the one city I would consider moving to even though I'm not a city girl in the slightest. Mary and I realized that we can honestly have the best of both worlds. We can live away from the crazy city life and on the lake, but having the city that close opens up a lot of job opportunities, chances to meet people, etc. It just became really exciting and I felt like something clicked and I was back on track yesterday. I got excited also because Portland has a lot of colleges there and I can go to graduate school there and get my Master's Degree in a few years. How awesome is that?? Pretty awesome I might add. Here are some pictures of Portland and Lake Oswego:

Someday I would truly love to move to the East Coast, but maybe after I meet my Mr. Right we can go together. Moving in it self is a true eye opener and changes your life, I don't think I need to be that drastic about it right now.

I just love the thought of moving and starting over. No one knows you and you can be your own person, someone that might have disappeared over time.

Where I Want to Live is somewhere that will make me happy, somewhere beautiful and serene. A place that I can feel tranquility (something I'm in desperate need of) and still have that fun life that gives me a successful job and opportunities to meet people. Yes, that's what I want. And I will have it - sooner or later. Stay tuned. xo.


  1. I love the East Coast and think you would love it. However, it would be so hard to move anywhere alone. Maybe waiting for Mr. Right is the right idea.
    Lake Oswego is beautiful. I really hope it works out for you!

  2. I have always only lived in NY, but I am considering moving to other states too, probably along the east coast though. I visited a friend who lives in WA last fall and we went to Portland since that's where my flight landed! It was nice. That lake looks gorgeous. It can be scary to move somewhere all alone, but I did it just a few months after college. I did know the area and one person who lived here though, but it was my first time every living alone. You will be surprised how you will meet friends eventually by not even trying that hard :).

    "I just love the thought of moving and starting over. No one knows you and you can be your own person, someone that might have disappeared over time." - that's exactly how I feel right now. I feel like I need a change and a part of me is missing that I once had. Sometimes moving and reinventing yourself is the answer.

  3. This is such a surprising post! You are so right, there will be many more job opportunities in a larger town. Portland is such a gorgeous amazing city and I think you would love it there!

  4. i LOVE portland! and now h is obsessed with the idea of moving there in a few years.. we'll see :) its such a pretty and WALKABLE city with tons of public transportiation options. and the size is perfect. good luck lady! you'll do well wherever you go and it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to start your life out in a fresh new place :)
    xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams