Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Recap

Attempt to look sexy at 24 - did it work? Naaa, ha I'll always be a dork and proud of it! I must say though, I'm loving the fact my hair is getting longer again. Like this length.

My 24th birthday was fantastic - it was sad because I really was thinking of my step-daddy a lot, but I know he was with me, just as he was with me at my graduation. I wouldn't be where I'm at today without him, so I really need to recognize that fact. I didn't go out to the bar or anything, but instead hung with those who are dear to me! My birthday I went out shopping all day with my mommy and lunch and then that night went with my dad, step-mom and brothers to Log Haven; it's so beautiful up there!!
The cake was practically the best part: oreo-better-batter ice-cream cake from Maggie Moo's, people, this cake is to die for. I don't even like cake, but I do love ice-cream cake and this was a little bite of heaven every time. I seriously would go down stairs at midnight and start eating it, oh boy... pants getting tight, but well worth it!! I found my kryptonite. Then my mom, my Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother (Yiayia) and cousins went to Texas Roadhouse. Simply amazing!! They have the greatest steaks and the sweet potato which is loaded with cinnamon, butter and marsh mellows is to die for!! My cute cousin burned every soundtrack from Glee for me and they gave me the first season. My other cousin bought me the Justin Bieber movie because we saw it and thought he was adorable - it's funny I'm getting more weird with age. Oh well!! Then the cousins went to go see Thor, not sure if I loved it or not. But the guy was sexy and I love Natalie Portman so there you go. Actually, he reminded me of a character from my favorite book series, Rhage from Black Dagger Brotherhood. Mmmhmm. Finally!! It also made me excited to start writing more, which I have been doing lately!
Great birthday and weekend - I'm a happy camper. I'm not however, excited to go back to school starting tomorrow! I know it's deceiving, yes I graduated... sort of. I'm technically graduating in the summer but I walked in the spring because they only do two ceremonies! I'm pretty much done, just a special education class and then math... blah... but I think I'll do better in the summer. They are ten times easier and the teacher is way cooler than my last one -yuck.



  1. Congrats on graduating! My mother in law is a business professor at the university of utah by the way...

    doesn't it feel good to be done!?

  2. Happy late birthday (just in case my comment on your original post got deleted:-() You look gorgeous!

  3. Ow ow! You look hot BB! I agree, your hair looks great at this length and I love the color! That baked sweet potato thing sounds amazing-like my mouth is watering. Wasn't the Justin Bieber movie so adorable? I actually think I shed a tear at one part of it haha.
    And I totally want to see that cheesy prom movie-the guy who rides the motorcycle is hot!


    oh p.s. I sent you an email

  4. sounds like a fun bday! I like your hair, and your floral top! I just went to TExas Roadhouse this past Fri. I usually get steak but I got a chicken sandwich this time and it wasn't as good :/

  5. Oooooo, you look so flippin beautiful!!

    Looks like you had a great birthday, lady :D