Monday, May 23, 2011

A Case of the "I Wants"

Yup, I want a kitten. I just do!! My bff Mary knows a guy who is trying to give away kittens and we went and saw them yesterday. Yea... I'm obsessed. Look at the little buggers:

My mom is being so stubborn though. All she says is, "Jess, I'm not taking care of another animal right now." Okay, first of all I'm 24 years old, I can take care of a cat! Cats are like the easiest animal to take care of. They are so independent. She's like, "When you move out you can get whatever you want." Well I'm not moving for a while, so that won't work out well. I'm obsessed with them I really am. Not sure how to talk her into it haha. Maybe I'll just bring one home and hide it in my closet haha.. jk jk.. but really!

Have a great Monday!! xo.


  1. I totally vote that you get a kitten! It's funny all of my friends have kittens/cats. Another friend just got one this weekend!! It's all the rage ;)!

    I suggest getting a girl my experience they are always sweeter.

  2. "Just kidding...... kind of...." :)

    Kittens are so cute. My friend just adopted one last week. Caroline is right, it must be kitten season. :D

  3. I think you should just bring one home. How can she say no to one of those precious faces??

  4. I want a kitten too! I haven't had a cat in like 3 years and it's killing meeeee. My apartment makes you pay extra if you have a cat though so I can't afford it right now.

  5. Aaah, I want a kitty as well!! I live on my own but I'm home so rarely these days that it would just be cruel :( But on the days that I'm home, having a cat around would be the best! Hopefully you convince your mom ;)