Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yes, I'm referring to The Vampire Diaries and I don't even care!! It ended even better than I thought it would, mainly because of: Delena. Poor Damon was dying the whole episode, and all he wanted was Elena's forgiveness. She wouldn't at first... but that was before she heard he was dying. After though, she never left his side. He admitted he loved her again and she forgave him and told him she like liked him just the way he was. She even KISSED HIM! Yes, you heard right. I was seriously jumping up and down in front of the TV. Then I sadly realized, I get that excited about a fictional relationship; need to work on my own! Ha. Here are DELENA scenes.
Kind of sad though, because Stefan was able to save Damon by getting the cure from none other than the villan Klaus... the sad part? He became Stefan the Ripper once again. Klaus knew he was weak and couldn't drink human blood, but he forced him in order to give the cure. Stefan sacrificed all of this for his brother. Now he's evil, and ten times hotter. But it's nice because he left with Klaus, so I hope Delena happens for most of season 3!!
I also hung out with a bunch of girls last night and we went and saw Bridesmaids. Holy crap it was hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time... I needed it!! Definitely a birthday celebration woot woot. Definitely get your girls together and go see it. Have a great rest of your weekend!! xo.
PS: What happened to blogger? My birthday post kept disappearing and now all the comments that everyone left are gone as well :( Boo. Thanks for the birthday wishes though.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am just about to watch VD- they take forever to post it on the website- I am dying!