Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tell All Thursday

First and foremost, what the hell? I can't leave comments on other blogs anymore? It says "Please choose a profile," and then I do. And then it keeps logging me out so I can't post anything. Is this happening to anyone else? I'm definitely confused as to what's happening here, but I don't like it! I am reading your posts everyone, I promise!!!

How's every one's Thursday going so far? I have night class tonight and it's actually not that bad of a class for being 3 hours long! It's a Special Education class about having Inclusive classrooms. It's so important not to segregate everyone just because they are different! I read this statement in an article and I really liked it, “When inclusive education is fully embraced, we abandon the idea that children have to become ‘normal’ in order to contribute to the world. Instead, we search for and nourish the gifts that are inherent in all people. We begin to look beyond typical ways of becoming valued members of the community, and in doing so, begin to realize the achievable goal of providing all children with an authentic sense of belonging.” I believe that is so true. There doesn't have to be a certain "normal" - we are all special in our own ways and those differences should be celebrated not shunned upon. A feeling of self-worth is the most important part of belonging, and when you divide people, you are taking that away. Like I said, this class has really opened my eyes! On another note, operation get a kitten. Yea... my mom mostly likely won't let me. Keeps saying, "maybe in the future," or "when you move out you can get whatever you want." Which results in a definite eye rolling. Come on mom!! They are adorable and it's a cat. Cats really aren't that difficult to take care of; most of the time they manage their own needs, it's true!

So I've really gotten back into writing again. It makes me so happy. I was so into it and then stopped because of school and my step-dad doing so bad. But even though I am doing summer school, I still have a lot more free time and I am taking the advantage with that. I practice writing fan fictions, kind of dorky I know, but it's really good practice! My stories are doing really well and in one night after posting a chapter I got 40 reviews saying I should be an author and they love the way I write. It was a very high compliment that made me blush :) I needed it. I just love writing and I love being creative. I can still be a school teacher and be an author on the side. I would simply love to write both children and young adult fiction! The imagination can open you up to a whole other world and after living through so much pain for the past two years, I love that type of escape and I think others will as well. My mom was actually saying she wanted to write a book about being a caregiver and mainly focusing on ALS. I think it would be a huge inspiration to people who read that! Honestly. I think a lot of people don't know how hard it is until they've done it, but you can't just abandon someone you love when they need you the most; even if at times it seems almost unbearable! My creative side showed through also when I made a picture frame for my best friend's birthday. We went to the coast of Oregon and loved it, so I painted practically the beach on it and put little clip on pictures that are adorable! She's going to love it I hope. Don't have time right now, but eventually I'll take a picture and show you.

Let's see, anything else? Oh I love Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev and I hope they love each other too. There are reports that they have become quite chummy with one another and they make the hottest couple, so I hope it's true.

Glee's season finale was blah, I'm sorry but it's true. They lost because Finn kissed Rachel? Wtf. That's a load of crap to be honest. Another season where they lost... hmm... But it was cute to hear Blaine say "I love you," to Kurt - swoon.
Kim Kardashian getting married? Well there you go Kim, you can stop complaining on the series now!! I love her don't get me wrong, but she just hated being single so I am glad she found her happiness finally.
Well that's enough ranting and raving. Love xo.


  1. I love writing too and definitely don't do enough of it anymore :(. Do you write fan fiction for a Website?

  2. agree with you on everything. Glee has been blah lately and as for the comment problem, hmmm. hopefully someone has the answer for you. loved this post so much. good luck with class tonight. if you get a sec would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. xoxo
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