Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TV Obsession

Yes, it is no surprise that I'm obsessed with TV shows and I usually go in spurts of what I'm obsessed with. Sadly my Gossip Girl obsession is nearly gone all together - that show just got way too repetitive and too much like OC. I miss LOST a lot because that show kept me confused and on my feet... but the greatest show of all in my opinion is the Vampire Diaries. I just don't understand how they can have so many twists and turns - they surprise me at the strangest moments and I try to figure things out, and get it oh so wrong. The last episode was amazing but definitely a tear-jerking. It actually hit home for me because Elena's aunt, her only caregiver, is killed. The graveyard scene really made me sad. I was feeling all sentimental yesterday, and visited my step-dad at his grave. Just so surreal. But anyways here are some pictures of my favorites during this episode. The season finale is actually on my birthday May 12 (Thursday), how crazy is that?? Damon was bit my a werewolf, none other than the sexy Tyler Lockwood and I swear to God if he dies... I'm no longer watching VD. Plus, Elena and Damon need to happen. It's time and I want to see a real kiss. I also like how Elena wasn't turned into a vampire: too much like Twilight if you ask me... and I've already had that obsession! Tyler and Caroline are adorable as well. I didn't put any pictures up, but one of my favorite scenes is a Delena scene of course, and Damon is carrying Elena's body into a safe house and tells her that if she comes back a vampire he'll stake her himself because "I can't stand the idea of you hating me forever." He knows he's dying, but all he wants is her forgiveness. The next episode is going to be so intense. I love the brotherly love between the Salvatore brothers as well.

Here is a picture for Thursday's episode... they probably want us to "think" they are going to kiss, but they won't. I'm crossing my fingers. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev would make the most beautiful couple I've ever seen and wowza do they have sexual chemistry!!! Definitely makes me want a boy of my own!

I also love love love Glee!! Especially the music and Darren Criss aka Blaine. Tonight's episode is the Prom episode and I cannot wait; seeing Blaine in a suit? Yes please. Hopefully their prom goes better than mine was ;)
The song Jar of Hearts sang by Rachel is my new favorite!!! Love it! Another song I'm obsessed with though is Skinny Love by Birdy which was sung during the grave scene in Vampire Diaries! Check them out.

I must say it's hilarious that most girls do blog posts about fashion and I write details for TV shows - I'm just not that girly... sure I like fashion, but I like other things a lot more if you couldn't already tell. Whoops! Have a great Tuesday.

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