Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Born To Be Wild

Not an ordinary day that's for sure. Sometimes life surprises you, in the best possible ways. Here is the story. So today I was on facebook and I went on my little brother's page to find some pictures - observe:

I couldn't believe how cute this baby deer was. I thought Justin had seen it at a fair or something; then something occurred to me: the wallpaper. I knew that wallpaper, I recognized that wallpaper. That was at my Dad's house. So I text my brother and my step-mom Kim, and say, " there a pet deer at the house?" Kim called right back and confirmed the answer was YES.

My brother other brother and his friends were fishing, when they saw this baby deer half-alive. Landon said he was really dehydrated and wouldn't even more. At first they thought he was dead...but he was still breathing. They waited all day to see if the mother would return; she didn't. So they did what teens do: they don't think. They brought the deer back to SLC and took it to a friend's house. The friend's family said "no way," so my brother being the sweetie he was, took it in even though taking the deer wasn't his idea.

They kept calling him Sunny D and Landon told me it's because in the car, all he had was Sunny Delight and so he kept putting a dab of it on his finger and fed it to the baby who loved it and wanted more; the name obviously stuck. To me his name is Bambi :) Hello...I love Disney movies, how could I resist??

Kim said they were trying everywhere to take it: the zoo, the wildlife reserve, Wheeler Farm, etc. Nowhere would take him and the wildlife division actually had the nerve to say they'd put him to sleep. Didn't have the time or the means to take care of him which I think is absolutely ridiculous! He's just an innocent baby and my heart goes out to him because what if his mother is still alive and searching? But luckily they found a nice place for Sunny D to go in Spanish Fork Utah where a woman, regarded by the wildlife division (big of them), agreed to take him in. She is going to feed and nurse him, and when he's old enough, he will be set back in the wild. These animals aren't house pets and they are born to be wild. If anyone saw that movie with the baby elephants and orangutans, that was the thoughts were going on in my head!

 But before they took Sunny D where he belongs, I went over and played with him, because hello...when will I get an opportunity to play with a week old deer again? Honestly, Sunny D aka Bambi, was the cutest thing I've ever seen. So tiny and his ears were huge! The spots were covering his body and he was as soft as a baby blanket. I even picked him up and he was so light! I actually bonded with him and my brothers and step-mom definitely did after staying up an entire night feeding him from a bottle which was filled with goat's milk.
I hope he lives a safe and happy life! Love you Sunny D!! But this is important that sometimes you need to leave nature alone and let the course of life unfold itself however it may be.


  1. OMG, Sunny D is just precious :)

  2. Oh what a darling story!! My grandpa found one and they kept it as a pet for awhile. My family just LOVES animals...:) Such a cute post and thanks for stopping over at my blog! (You should come back and read my story about my dad's wildlife experience...a couple of posts back lol) Following ya!

  3. Yes definitely I'll have to!! That's awesome.

  4. holy cow, that would be the funnest pet in the world! so cute!

  5. At the risk of sounding like a guy who has a story for everything, let me tell you what happened to me!

    This should perhaps start off, "Once upon a time when I was your age, young lady..." but that invariably makes me seem way older than I feel. So instead I'll begin this way. Totally true story, BTW.

    (Hey in all the time we've known each other have I ever lied to you?) :p

    Okay. The scene is a warehouse. A devastatingly charming and apparently not-so-humble young man (that would be me) in his early twenties is standing working at his desk, doing QA or some other thing that he's long since forgotten.

    He hears a commotion behind him, and glancing over his shoulder sees a flash of brown fur. "Gee" he thinks to himself," what's a dog doing here?" He turns around and sees not a dog, but...


    F'real. A freaking deer was in my office.

    I jumped up on my desk, not because it scared me but because my first thought was if he became startled and began kicking he could easily break my leg.

    There was construction North of us which may have scared the deer our way. We have no idea how it made its way into the warehouse, I mean this was a HUGE place with tractor trailers and everything. I figure the deer must have snuck in disguised as an employee (with a fake ID to fool the security guards).

    Eventually animal control came and sedated it for release into a wooded area.

    So there you go Jess. Maybe one day I'll actually write you a short comment. :p

    Loved your post. I'm glad you had time to bond with the fawn, what an amazing experience.

  6. OMG how cute is he!! Thanks for the sweet comment yesterday!! Love your blog too girlie!!


  7. awww, sunny d is the cutest little thing!!

  8. WOW pet Bambi is so so cute :))

  9. How adorable! I would LOVE to have a baby deer as a pet...even for a day! Crazy story! That's awesome that yall were able to find someone to care for it :)