Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

     Thank you for being such an amazing father and a man. I really look up to you in everything that you do and have accomplished. You have done so well for yourself and you are always behind me and supporting me, even through these past two years which have been difficult for a number of reasons. Thanks for standing by me and holding my hand when I have been scared. You believe in me and want to help me follow my dreams; that means the world to me! I love you. Happy Father's Day.

Love Always,


Dear Greg,

     Writing this isn't as easy as writing my dad's. You are my other father, my mentor and my friend. I actually have spent more time with you growing up than my own dad. To me the word (step) means nothing; you are my father. Your strength is what I admired the most about you and that's even before you had ALS. You were the most independent man I'd ever met and you started a business by yourself. So many people looked up to you and thought of you. They still say what a privilege it was to have known you, and I agree with that. I've had a hard time lately Greg; you being gone is really starting to sink in. You aren't coming home. And the pain from that realization is enough to take my breath away. But you were in my life and I am thankful for that. You taught me so much and you told me to "never settle; never forget what you're worth." That is advice that I will take with me for the rest of my life. You were never disappointed in me when I made the mistakes I did, instead you taught me to learn and move forward from life's barriers. I still get angry when I think you were diagnosed with such a disgusting disease; it doesn't make sense to me and it never will. But you wouldn't want me wasting time being angry. Instead you would want me to look forward at my future with both arms wide open; ready to go on life's long adventure. You also taught me that life is short and you don't know when it can all be taken away -- I won't sit and let life pass me by, not anymore. I want to live fully and I want to follow my dreams. You told me how proud of me you were (one of your final words to me) and I am going to spend the rest of my life making you proud Greg. So Happy Father's Day my father; you are extremely missed, but you are loved and thought about daily. Thank you for being my inspiration in life. You are my hero.

Love you forever,



To all the other fathers out there: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

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  1. That made me tear up. So sorry to hear about losing him. I know you have said you were dealing with some stuff lately, and I'm sure it's been rough. Try to think of the good memories.