Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hollywood Arrgh

 I have talked about it many many times, but the Mortal Instruments, a series by Cassandra Clare - that I love, is being made into a movie. Honestly, I've been beyond excited about it mainly because of Alex Pettyfer; to me he brought the character in my head to life more than any other character ever has been.

Alex is Jace: case closed. Lily Collins is Clary, the main character, and she's better than I could imagine. So I knew they were doing something right! Thank God.

Eragon was another book series I loved, and the movie was absolutely horrific... like wtf?? If I was the author I would protest that!! It's their creation coming to life, not so much the directors in my opinion. But I know it doesn't work that way. Even Twilight could have been a lot better, but I am a die-hard fan so I have supported it even though I think they change way too much. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are the two series they did right by; they did justice!! I thought maybe by a small hope, MI would be the same way!! Alex still wasn't giving an answer and I heard he's kind of full of himself. But after seeing Beastly and I Am Number 4, he got so into the character of Jace that I seriously watched those two movies with my jaw wide open. I can hardly tell you what they were about because I was picturing The Mortal Instruments in my mind instead. Time kept going by...and they started throwing other names out... I wasn't pleased, not at all. Half of the fans feel the same about Alex and it's unreal! Then Tuesday happens and I hear that not only did Alex NOT get the role, but Jamie Campbell-Bower did. (The pic below is only decent one of him out there I swear)

Someone that was my least favorite for the roll. I'm sorry I don't find him attractive at all; too girly looking in my opinion and I cannot find any good pictures of him. Jace Wayland is supposed to be beyond sexy, a fighter, and a womanizer. Jamie = not so much. I know I'm being harsh, but it's just not right in my head. I was quite bitter about it, and still am...but Cassandra saw the audition tape and said she cried because that was her Jace. I guess like I said it is her creation so if she likes him and saw Jace in him... hopefully, I pray to God when the time comes, I can too. They better do some MAJOR transformation skills on this guy though. For real. Anyways had to get that out.


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